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Gradius -> Doom3 (8/3/2004 12:07:12 AM)


I already have that game.

Macro really sucks! :P


Leviathan -> RE: Doom3 (8/3/2004 7:24:44 AM)

What's wrong with it's Macro?

emperor -> RE: Doom3 (8/3/2004 10:26:01 AM)

Hey Gradius, how the Doom3 looks like? Still haven't played it [8D]

sp -> RE: Doom3 (8/4/2004 3:12:49 AM)

In a couple of days we will know:))

Leviathan -> RE: Doom3 (8/4/2004 4:03:09 AM)

The first impressions indicate that DOOM 3 is much more creepy than its predecessors.

kogos -> RE: Doom3 (10/1/2004 8:04:49 AM)

there is a new doom3 review @ cdrinfo that looks pretty nice


Iggy -> RE: Doom3 (10/1/2004 10:14:15 AM)


emperor -> RE: Doom3 (10/3/2004 2:57:19 PM)

nice work![:)]

mardigan -> RE: Doom3 (10/12/2004 7:56:36 AM)

Is it mandatory to be an Administrator to play (not to install) DOOM3
or is it sufficient to be "simple user" or "power user"?

(If you are obliged to be an Administrator to play, I won't buy any
game like that, no more security under WinXP SP2!!!)

Why not indicate this systematically in a game review???

mardigan -> RE: Doom3 (10/14/2004 6:11:18 AM)

Replying to myself as I found my previous post too harsh and would like it
to be deleted by a mod (my apologies)

I just tried to install some games for the kids and found some problems
under Windows XP SP2, so here are my questions:

1/ Is it necessary in general to be Administrator to play games under
Windows XP?

2/ Does SP2 impose further constraints or restrictions to play games?

Leibniz -> RE: Doom3 (10/14/2004 8:58:20 AM)

Most games don't require administration rights to install them but some might.
You need to be an admin for sure in order to install directx.

You should have an administrator account for times like these.
Most games and applications ask you during the installation if you want everybody to be able to run the program.

I don't think SP2 applies any restrictions in that section.

mardigan -> RE: Doom3 (10/15/2004 9:02:17 AM)

Thank you Leibnitz for your response.

I am told by Electronic Arts support that all EA_games (e.g. The Sim's)
require to have Administrator privileges ( -> because EA-games are
sophisticated games) and that Microsoft don't gave enough infos to game
developpers to alleviate this constraint!

I would have thought that all the "ring 0" part of games would be inside
DirectX and that the game itself would run as "simple user" like you say
for "most games"

One question is still open for me:

Does DOOM3 need Administrator rights to play (not to install) ?

scuba_steve -> RE: Doom3 (10/15/2004 9:30:12 AM)

Why don't you try to see for yourself? Log on as a normal user, and try to play Doom3.
I don't believe you need to be an administrator in order to run Doom3, but with Windows nobody can be really sure, can he? [:)].

Anyway, as long as the game does not try to do something extraordinary (write settings to the registry while running, modify files in the game's installation directory), it should work ok. Just make sure that as a user you have access to the game's installation folder (both read and write). Same thing goes for the game's registry entries, if any exist.

mardigan -> RE: Doom3 (10/15/2004 11:25:26 AM)

thanks for the nice info scuba_steve:

I will check the access rights of the game folder and registry entry
for "James Bond NightFire" which asks for Admin rights when launching
and see if that solves the problem!

As for DOOM3 I won't buy the game before knowing for sure!!!

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