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S33K3R -> Log In (8/2/2004 3:16:18 PM)

Ever since the site update I have to log in every single time I come to the forums. Before I would select save cookie and there was no need to enter username and pass every single visit

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 3:28:19 PM)

I am having the same problem and our guys are sorting it out so don't worry !!! [:)]

S33K3R -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 4:34:41 PM)

Glad to hear I am not alone[:)]

emperor -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 6:42:06 PM)

s33ker i thought we had solved this but it doesn't didn't, do me a favor, try to delete all cookies from cdrinfo and try log in, maybe that solves it

sp_admin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 6:51:36 PM)

We do change some site settings from day to day these days in order to solve some problems and/or add more functionality.
Unfortunately, some of you might experience problems of this time, although we have tried to resolve the main issues that caused them.

Please anyone repost if the cookie problem still persists after deleting your old cookies (not manually but through the Tools-->Delete Cookies Under IE).

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 6:58:51 PM)

Hi Mate
I have deleted all my Cookies several times and the problem still exists !!! [:)]

sp_admin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 7:02:54 PM)

Hello LA

Is this happening all the time or from time to time?
For example, if you go out of the forum to view some other site pages, then come back to forum and do a page refresh at some posting, are you still loged in?

As it seems you are online now, I expect a fast answer!:))

sp_admin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 7:10:07 PM)

Moreover, please try to close all open IE windows, and then come back to the site and then to the forum.
Does the forum recognise you or do you have to log-on again?

As of the time of writing this, I have tried the above and I am kept logged in, as expected.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 7:26:40 PM)

As soon as I leave the forum and then come back I have to lock in every time as it only see's me as a guest !!! [:)]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 7:29:15 PM)

I forgot to mention that On my computer at work I don't have this problem it is only with the 2 computers I have at home where this problem is and I am at work at the moment !!! [:)]

sp_admin -> RE: Log In (8/2/2004 7:34:26 PM)

Please delete all cookies from both machines and then try to login again.
Unfortunately, I can not offer more help at this time, as explained elsewhere.

Please also do the following:
Look in your cookies by using a text editor.
You should see a cookie: CdrInfo.com_Guid
It should be followed only by numbers, NOT alphabetc or non-viewable characters (small rectagles).

If this is not your case on some of your machines, please delete the cookies. This cookie should be recreated as a numbers-only sequence.

S33K3R -> RE: Log In (8/3/2004 10:33:46 AM)

I have deleted all cookies.
I do not see this cookie CdrInfo.com_Guid.

Also what is the Login Tab on the homepage for? Because if its for the forums that does not work for me either or is the Login on the homepage for something else.

My problem is when ever I am logged in I close the window, then reopen a new window I still have to put in username and pass. I didn't have to do this before.

Also after I have been logged in on the same window I go to a different site, I then return by typing in www.cdrinfo.com. I try to login and I get some kind of error. I will then have to close the IE window and open a new window so that I can log in.

emperor -> RE: Log In (8/3/2004 11:02:35 AM)

sp_Admin should look at this...[:(]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Log In (8/3/2004 11:30:28 AM)

I also deleted all cookies and this is the Cookie I get :-






And after I move away from the forum and come back I still get logged in as Guest until I Login with my usual Username and Password !!! [:)]

emperor -> RE: Log In (8/3/2004 12:30:58 PM)

Yes today also have a problem with login...ggrrrr[:@]

sp_admin -> RE: Log In (8/3/2004 2:33:34 PM)

The problem is due to our server, and we will not be able to solve it for now:((((((

Please read the info in the login page.
It is used for submitting media quality test results.

I hope we might be able to find a workaround in the next week....

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