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emperor -> Be aware of SP2 (7/26/2004 8:15:09 PM)

Managed to destroy my email folder!!! Let me explain

I am not saving my emails to the regular folder but lets say to C:\Emails

After re-installed WinXP and SP2 RC2 i wanted to setup my email account, so i fired up new Outlook Express went to the Maintence tab, changed the store folder to the backup folder (C:\Emails) warning message came up. that Outlook express found another Outlook files...

I thought ok, it should recognize them automatically but instead...IT DELETED ALL MY FILES (sorry for the caps)...No warning nothing, i used undelete software but lost all my send/deleted items, this is what we call night mare, be warned!!! [:@]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/26/2004 9:02:15 PM)

Did you make a start point with System Restoe before you had this problem ???[:)]

emperor -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/26/2004 9:12:52 PM)

sorry for not being clear, i installed SP1 and then SP2, i didn't had used Outlook express of SP2 until the point of disaster, be aware, it doesnt' warn to overwrite previous outlook express files!!!

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/26/2004 9:17:57 PM)

I can't understand that I have done it the same way and I had no problems !!! [:)]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 3:06:03 AM)

I think I'll just stick with my Win2k [8D]

emperor -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 8:18:53 AM)


ORIGINAL: Laffin Assassin
I can't understand that I have done it the same way and I had no problems !!! [:)]

I have tried the same procedure like two times and had the same results, Outlook Express won't notify me that there are other Outlook express files

S33K3R -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 10:43:01 AM)

quite unfortunate thanks for the heads up.
another reason why to stay away from sp2 for now, no telling what else it can screw up

emperor -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 1:14:56 PM)

Good point here S33K3R, beta testing always causes...problems[:(]

Matthew -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 5:33:10 PM)

Look at NORMAL Microsoft stuff - now think BETA on top of that .... scared? you should be!

MP3Mogul -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 6:59:18 PM)

As I said when the first postings were made about SP2.

You need to wait until about 3 months after SP2 is released then get all the
PATCHES for SP2 that it creates... then everything should be fine...


emperor -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 8:42:01 PM)

Haha, another problem i have, IE crashes once a while, doh M$ needs to make Sp2 much more stable

aviationwiz -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/27/2004 8:46:49 PM)

Nah, you just need to get a Mac.

Mender -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/31/2004 6:05:36 PM)

Another problem with SP2. If you have a Pinnacle PCTV card (including the Rave, Stereo and Pro) the chances are that it will fail under SP2. Either you get a message that the hardware failed to initialise when you try loading the PCTV software, or the pointer will display its busy mode for a few seconds but the program doesn't appear. Occasionally it will work immediately after booting into Windows, but then if you close the program and try to load it again, it will just give an error.

This has been known to happen to a lesser degree with SP1, but SP2 renders the card virtually useless. I'm back to using Win2k Pro SP4 now, and everything works fine.

emperor -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (7/31/2004 7:17:32 PM)

Good info Mender, i hope the final SP2 to solve out those nasty issues

MP3Mogul -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (8/1/2004 3:02:46 PM)

Well I just installed the final BETA (Supposed Public Release Candidate)... Nothing out of the ordinary to report as of yet.

emperor -> RE: Be aware of SP2 (8/1/2004 4:54:58 PM)

MP3Mogul have you saw the problem i reported with Outlook Express?

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