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Should NEC offer a utility to set booktype setting for 2500/2510A?

YES, its important for me!
  95% (139)
Yes but only for DL media
  4% (6)
No, we don't need it...(?)
  0% (1)

Total Votes : 146
(last vote on : 5/8/2006 9:40:47 PM)
(Poll will run till: -- )


emperor -> RE: NEC's BookType utility offer (7/22/2004 6:25:09 AM)

The new 2.06 firmware already does DVD+R DL directly without any external help so...they have partially adopted it

HKao -> RE: NEC's BookType utility offer (7/23/2004 6:06:26 AM)


..... There's no difference for the stand alone player if the media has changed booktype or it is DVD-ROM by default. Booktype is only a type of information, so there's not any danger for the laser pickup head....[:)]

Just for curiosity, I'm wondering what is the difference in "Read Strategy" between the real DVD-ROM and BookTypeSet DVD+R ? Normally the real DVD-ROM has comparatively higher reflection ratio for laser beam and readers read DVD-ROM faster than recordable media. That means, in the positive sideview, the DVD+R disc will be read faster after BookTypeSetting than before, while in negative side, the laser pickup head has to draw higher power to read the less-reflective DVD+R media.

Am I right ? Correct me if I guess wrong.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/23/2004 6:34:20 AM)

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