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Cooler -> In the summertime... (7/8/2004 8:37:05 AM)

Well, it looks like my summer is ruined, as MB of primary computer is most likely dead. So far it looks like USB power short-circuited by broken USB mouse cord and something on MB did not like it. Worst part is, I've had other unexpected expenses, so I can't afford to get new (or even used!) MB to replace the dead one anytime soon, so I had to put up spare computer... and performance of it really sucks!

This is just my usual luck. When my ISP finally updated my internet connection speeds, something else had to go wrong. Timing for this misfortune was also bad, as it totally messed up my update schedule. Anger managment sounds good right now...

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/8/2004 9:10:00 AM)

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emperor -> RE: In the summertime... (7/8/2004 10:18:43 AM)

Usually at the summertime, hardware is stressed from high temperatures, at least in Greece, 36 today!

Cooler -> RE: In the summertime... (7/10/2004 11:09:56 AM)

I've been contacting friends, but it looks like nobody has Socket A MB free to lend for a few weeks. Current hastily put up backup PC is PITA and performance is awful. Opening CD image from 15MB RAR's takes forever and my HD's are filling at alarming rate!

Emperor, your temperatures are a way too high for me! I could not stand with those kind of temperatures without constantly being water cooled! [:D]

emperor -> RE: In the summertime... (7/10/2004 4:47:36 PM)

Haha, today we have 40 Celcious here, HOT HOT HOT

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/10/2004 6:47:37 PM)

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emperor -> RE: In the summertime... (7/10/2004 11:15:35 PM)

Probably too cold for us at the Winter, at least i prefer high temperatures!

Leviathan -> RE: In the summertime... (7/12/2004 7:39:03 AM)

I'm not afraid of heat ... thanks to my 4-fan Thermaltake case [:D]

Cooler -> RE: In the summertime... (7/12/2004 10:46:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: emperor

Haha, today we have 40 Celcious here, HOT HOT HOT

Only time I experience such high temperatures is when I'm in sauna... and temperature is then much higher! [:D]
But to live (or sleep!) while temperature is 40C? No way!

Cooler -> RE: In the summertime... (7/12/2004 11:10:26 AM)



Dear cooler it is also difficult for us in Finland[:D] exactly the same as you, reversely. What tempratures do you have there in winter? how about the summer? I really would like to visit Finland

If my poor memory serves, temperature at summer is somewhat 15-25, but rarely more than that. Just now it's only 16C out there and cloudy. At winter we may have same temperatures as in summer, but minus. Rarely more than -25C.

Oh... Local weather now

I'm living in Turku, which is quite southern area, so temperatures can be bit different at northern areas. I generally don't like "extreme" temperatures, because of weather... but as I said, sauna is a whole different thing! [;)]

To anyone planning a visit to Finland: Hopefully your english is ok. Allthought not all people here are speaking it well (and my english sucks), you can always easily find someone capable to help or instruct you.

Depending of the weather, next weekend could be nice to use as few days fishing trip. After all... I can't do much good with this crappy replacement computer, so I may relax a bit as well. But then again, I have addiction to computers and I may very well change my mind. [:D]

Edit: I realize now, that better area for this could be "Free Discussion"?

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/12/2004 11:21:26 AM)

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emperor -> RE: In the summertime... (7/12/2004 11:27:00 AM)

Perhaps yes [:D]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: In the summertime... (7/12/2004 12:05:12 PM)

I have moved it to Free Discussion area as I was thinking the same as Cooler !!! [:)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/12/2004 4:37:56 PM)

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Laffin Assassin -> RE: In the summertime... (7/12/2004 10:17:21 PM)



Yes, after all this, here is the correct place. Thanks Mate[:)]

Have you been in Finland?

I would also like to visit England...[;)]

No I have not been to Finland yet besides it is too cold for me owd bones LOL !!! [:D][;)]
If you ever do come to England I will take you to watch the best Football Team in the World (Man Utd) !!! [:D][;)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/13/2004 4:42:42 AM)

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