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kpg -> case fan direction (6/23/2004 2:15:18 PM)

every PC ive had the fans always blew in to the case

at work with the product i work on - i tested the internal temperature with the fan blowing in and out and the temerature was much lower when the fan was blowing out (diference between this device and PC is there are no other internal fans in the electronics )

so my question is - are the case fans suposed to be blowing in or out

dumb question i know

Laffin Assassin -> RE: case fan direction (6/23/2004 2:22:25 PM)

If you have a Fan on the front it should blow in !
If you have a fan on the back it should blow out !
If you have a fan on the side it should blow in !
And finally if you have a fan on the top it should blow out !
This is of course if you have a tower case !
I hope this Helps !!! [:)]

emperor -> RE: case fan direction (6/23/2004 3:51:58 PM)

Good said Laffin

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (6/23/2004 5:13:00 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

Matthew -> RE: case fan direction (6/23/2004 7:00:22 PM)

In the PC case, the PSU normally draws air out of the case, so there is warm air at the rear, therefore all other rear fans should draw out as well. Heat rises, so a top fan (blowhole) should draw out as well.
Therefore, unless you use a lot of passive vents to allow incoming airflow where it's needed, all other fans should blow in.

Where you do not have that constraint - as you describe...

An incoming fan delivers a directed blast, effective if aimed at the parts requiring cooling, less so elsewhere.

An extracting fan removes air from the immediate vicinity, replaced by a lazy flow from elsewhere - if all availble designed and incidental vents are more or less equidistant, and of an area not significantly larger than the fan, then a relatively even flow should occur (avoid vents close to the fan, or make them small, or they will steal too much of the flow.

One example, some mini desktop systems had open speaker grilles close to the internal intake of the PSU - they were grossly unreliable in summer. Taping up the open speaker grille brought instant relief, as the airflow was force to go via the grilles on the other side of the case.

By the same token, if a case had two rear fan positions, and I only used one, I'd block the other

Leviathan -> RE: case fan direction (6/29/2004 5:27:40 AM)

If you have an AMD processor I hardly recommend a 4-fan case. With my previous 2-fan case I experienced high CPU temperatures at 70 C and over. When I got a 4-fan Thermaltake case the CPU temperature hasn't exceed the 55 C!!

Not to mention the high overclocking speeds I achieved with my old school GeForce 4 Ti4200.

NotesGooRoo -> RE: case fan direction (9/7/2004 4:00:54 AM)

Sometimes we play this little joke on each other in the data center.

If you stand in front of a server rack and break wind, be sure the guy behind the rack doing wiring will smell it rather quickly, in full force. [:'(] The fans go from front to back, always.


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/7/2004 5:36:59 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

S33K3R -> RE: case fan direction (9/7/2004 11:25:46 AM)

if there is only 1 fan in the case, it is always better to have it blowing out preferably at the back.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/7/2004 2:59:17 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

S33K3R -> RE: case fan direction (9/9/2004 1:27:01 PM)

I will have to disagree. some test have shown otherwise
power supplys only have 1 fan and mainly blow out heat from the powersupply itself.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/9/2004 3:25:42 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

G_IvanAwfulitch -> RE: case fan direction (10/28/2004 1:22:27 PM)

Take the sides off every now and then and use compressed air to blow out the inside, inside the power supply, the processor fins and fan motors. Get a small stick and use it to hold the fan blades so that the compressed air DOES NOT spin the fans faster than they were intended to spin. Spinning to fast will burn the bearings out. Getting all the dust bunnies out of the processer fins will make it run much cooler. [:)]

Iggy -> RE: case fan direction (10/29/2004 2:50:19 AM)

I use only two fans in my PC and its perfect.[;)]

major9686 -> RE: case fan direction (11/17/2005 3:43:55 PM)



I use only two fans in my PC and its perfect.[;)]

I have 2 for the PSU ..
1 HSF on the cpu ... some Spire HSF that runs at 2400~2500rpm  :)
2 front .. (1 generic 1 thermaltake volcano7+ which has 3 speed settings -> 3500~6200rpm) take air from outside into the case ..
2 back (generic) take air from the case outside ...
1 side (generic on the button of the door) takin air inside the case ..
I plan to add another on the top of the door that will take air outside ..
and another on the upper side of the case to take air outside ;)

I still dont have a graphic card .. but when I will get one .. it will have some extreme cold temp. to be OC at ;) ha ha ...

fernandes -> RE: case fan direction (11/18/2005 3:41:55 AM)

lots of fans :P i hope u have a good PS :P ^^

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