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Jimmys -> Internet filtering (6/22/2004 7:24:57 AM)

Hello to the forum i hope everybody is OK [;)]
I read an article yestarday and i got really suprised
According to the article which comes from what i call an "underground" book, countries are filtering internet.
It suppose to work the same way that a dad filter his own pc internet to restrict his young kid from accesing specific pages like porn or god religion .

"In saudi arabia and china, countries, funnel internet access through state-owned Internet service providers, which have filters that only allow users to access government-approved websites.
Prodigy filters Internet access for Chinese, while saudi arabia relioes on technology purchased from another american company, secure computing"

On another point it mention that
"ISP of India charging a traffic on overseas Internet websites. Under this system if a company such as Ebay wanted citizens from india to acces their websites, the site would first need to pay a fee to the Indian goverment"
I guess that if it refuse to pay it will get blocked by filtering

The artice is signed "censhorship cannot eliminate evil, it can only kill freedom" and ends with a question to the user
"In US internet service providers, especially those that offer high-speed broandband interner access only with a handful of cable control high speed internet access. So is there any chanche that they could filter or block access to certain webstes" [X(]

For those who would like to involve there is also a solution for that something like accesing web pages via email

Leviathan -> RE: Internet filtering (6/22/2004 8:51:37 AM)

Maybe this is the best solution to shut down illegal sites (eg porn sites), but governments and multinational companies may use this for their own benefit and totally eliminate the freedom of the internet we have today. Let us hope that this won't be the future of the internet.

Jimmys -> RE: Internet filtering (6/22/2004 9:17:27 AM)

I think that its actually happening since there is a backdoor for that
check out this one

xe xe looks like a kidnap of a website

emperor -> RE: Internet filtering (6/22/2004 1:03:04 PM)

It is a kwnon issue, especially with China...[8|]

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