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aviationwiz -> Rudeness of CDFreaks Rant (6/20/2004 8:36:39 PM)

Sick of CDFreaks, worse than FedEx, by far!

OK, so I post about the DVD's I'm selling in thier equivalent to the Beer Garden, Sseth was being a smart-ass, and so were a few others, and then it was removed, I figured, OK, wrong forum, as that's what they were complaining about.

So, I got and post it in the equivalent to the Hot Deals forum, apparently you can't advertise for yourself, only for others, so, it's locked. OK, sh*t happens.

Someone else goes and posts about it in the same forum, it's not breaking the rules, as it wasn't someone affiliated with me, well, they lock that too, and I end up being sin banned. Meaning, I can read the forums, but I can't post.

So then, I nicely send an appology email to the admin's and mod's at CDFreaks, I did they yesterday, over 24 hours ago, plenty of time for some of them to get back to me. Well, not a single one explains the issue further, or tells me what's going on.

So, I take all the images I've posted on CDFreaks, and take them down, I don't want a site that is the master of rudeness to use up my limited bandwith on my server.

We'll see what happens, but they are the worst.

There's my rant of the day.

emperor -> RE: Rudeness of CDFreaks Rant (6/20/2004 9:44:33 PM)

I read the post over freaks, i must say i agree with their mod that locked the original topic, advertising should paid, of course there is a small distance at which should be considered as advertisement or not. Usually we don't ban users so easily unless doing something really wrong, at least user being warned first, that's our policy.

No further comments from me at this thread, it doesn't involve our website/forum [&:]

aviationwiz -> RE: Rudeness of CDFreaks Rant (6/20/2004 11:56:56 PM)

Hehe, a mod replied over at CDRL, they don't accept my apology. If I cared, don't they know I could just sign up for a new name using a proxy server? Of course, who needs them.

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