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Dolphinius_Rex -> Yeti Sports #5 (6/20/2004 2:30:18 PM)

For those of you who know Yeti Sports, you probably already know that #5 is now available... but for those of you who DON'T know Yeti sports, I suggest checking out numbers 1-4 first!!

Yeti Sports is a small online game, featuring a yeti, a bunch of penguins, and some other various animals, as they travel the globe performing various sports like maneuvers. It's actually really addictive! [:D]

Check it out here:

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/20/2004 3:45:13 PM)

Let me check Dolphy! [:)]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/20/2004 3:50:51 PM)

Small things amuse small minds !!! [:D][:D]

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/20/2004 9:22:50 PM)

I visited Yeti webpage, played a while, was funny but not my type of games, if you want my opinion... [8D]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (6/21/2004 4:46:58 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

kogos -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 5:04:54 AM)

quick info: yetisports is also available for symbian 6.1/7 mobile phones and for mophun compatible phones...

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 11:24:55 AM)

Hehe, yes there is some fun throwing away piguins, maybe they should make another game for CD/DVD lovers, like throwing away recorders or discs? That would be more interesting [;)]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 4:22:37 PM)


That would be too funny!! [:D]

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 5:08:33 PM)

Hehe and have big duplicator instead of elephants, if you hit the duplicator, it would spit out the CD [:)]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 6:55:40 PM)

In one tray and out the other! [8D]

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 9:40:23 PM)

maybe also sometimes burn CDs (coasters)...hehe [:)]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/21/2004 9:45:22 PM)

You would need a Pioneer to do that !!! [:D][;)]

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/22/2004 4:38:31 AM)

Why a Pioneer? It isn't a coaster factory...

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/22/2004 10:04:34 AM)


Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/22/2004 1:12:44 PM)


ORIGINAL: emperor

Why a Pioneer? It isn't a coaster factory...

Far from it! Pioneer has never made a poor quality DVD burner.

emperor -> RE: Yeti Sports #5 (6/22/2004 5:51:10 PM)

Yeap, their A06 was a perfect drive[;)]

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