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boredtoo -> NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/10/2002 8:29:26 PM)

I recently purchased, downloaded and installed the MP3 encoder from the Nero website for NeroMIX. Once the installation had completed, a box appeared stating that the encoder had successfully been installed in NeroMIX. However, the encoder is not visible as an option when I want to record an audio CD. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Matthew -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/12/2002 7:14:15 PM)

You would not USE the encoder to record an Audio CD.

You use it to RIP tracks to MP3 from an AudioCD, but preferably not if you are going to put them back to CD, since MP3 is a "lossy" compression and even the highest settings do not retain 100% of the source.

A few words also:
ExactAudioCopy and LAME 3.92, CDEX and LAME 3.92 -
Two excellent ways to rip AudioCD to MP3 at NO COST (well EAC author asks for a postcard, and donations are always welcome)

boredtoo -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/14/2002 2:54:57 PM)

Actually Matthew, in NeroMIX, you do use a "Record" function to rip CDs. When you do so you get to choose what format you would like to rip it to. And as I said, the integrated encoder is not showing up as an option nor has anyone from Ahead answered my week old email about the problem.

Luna -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/18/2002 1:35:02 AM)

However, the encoder is not visible as an option when I want to record an audio CD

Here it sounds like you want to burn Mp3s to an Audio CD.
you do use a "Record" function to rip CDs. When you do so you get to choose what format you would like to rip it to

Here it sounds like you want to rip them to your HD.

Boredtoo, What exactly are you trying to do ?

NeroMIX will NOT burn mp3's to a CD to my knowlage. I use the software all the time. The only time you are going to be able to use the codec is when you are extractin Audio files from a CD to your Hard Drive.

You seem to be contradicting yourself in your posts so I dont know exactly what you are trying to do

MP3Mogul -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/19/2002 1:22:25 AM)


Thank you for the post, however the information is not entirely correct. The MP3 encoder is NOT utilized when ripping audio cd's to your hard drive. As the audio files are in WAV format. The MP3 Encoder is to write files to MP3 format, or to READ MP3 files. Once again, thank you for the post.

Luna -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/19/2002 2:27:38 AM)

I am not saying that the encoder goes strait from CDA to Mp3, it first is ripped to Wav as you said, but the option should still be there.

He said that the Mp3 encoder does not show up when he tries to rip Audio from a CD to his HD, but on mine it does.

I guess it's a software problem then ?

More Confusion that I seem to be causing[B)]

boredtoo -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/19/2002 9:00:06 PM)

Not a problem guys. All I was trying to do was to rip a CD to MP3 format on my harddrive. I had purchased the MP3 encoder from the Nero website and installed it on my computer (when it was finished installing, it gave me a message that it had successfully installed in NeroMIX). However, when I tried to rip the CD to my harddrive in MP3 format, the option to use MP3 is not displayed.

This is the email that I received from Nero Customer Support (I have not had the opportunity to try it yet):

Dear Customer,

Please use the manual way to resolve your issue.


How to make the NeroMix work again after the trial timeout.

One must copy the file NeMP3ENC.dll located in the

C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero directory, to the

C:\Program Files\ahead\ NeroMix folder

This will enable Nero Media player to convert to MP3 format again.


Needless to say, this advice is somewhat confusing. First, I did not have a trial timeout. I received the software in the Yamaha software bundle. Second, I did not receive a manual for the MP3 encoder, because I bought it on the NERO website. That being said, I will see if this fix works when I get home tomorrow.

Luna -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/19/2002 11:52:46 PM)

Boredtoo, you say you got NeroMIX with your Yamaha Drive ?

First, be sure that you are using the latest version of NeroMIX from the Nero web site.

Secondly, my version of NeroMIX, which came with my Yamaha F1, has an MP3/Pro codec built in with it, which means that I have no need to buy one from Nero. I don't think you should have to either. I do believe that NeroMIX is the same no matter what drive you are using. It does not make sense for them to bundle different versions of the same software with different drives. So an update should fix your problem.

If it's already updated, uninstall the software/Mp3 codec you purchased, and then reinstall NeroMIX from the CD that came with your Yamaha. Then updated it to the latest version and check to see if the Mp3 codec option is there. But dont install the codec, It should come pre installed with the software. You might want to see about getting your money back if it shows up.

If not, then you might be SOL [B)]

(How you guys like that, I have checked everything I said and it's 100% true to the best of my knowlage :-) , no more bashing me plz ok ?)

Matthew -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/20/2002 5:05:09 PM)

Unless you buy it, the MP3 encoder is normally usage limited.

Was that the case at the start of this? - was there a usable (but usage limited) one included.

PS. I'd never be without EAC/Lame (or CDEX/Lame) - sure I live in a country where LAME is supposedly in breach of certain patents, but patents are not intended to prevent personal use - and if I MP3'd anything other than for my own entertainment, I'd have more to worry about than patents!

CCampbell -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/23/2002 11:15:32 PM)

Let's see if I can resolve some of the confusion.

Our MP3 or MP3Pro plugins are for both Nero and NeroMix. And when it installs, it should install the NeMP3Enc.DLL file in both the Nero and NeroMix directories.

No new button will appear, it would only allow you to Extract audio from a CD and save to your HD in MP3 or MP3 format, or convert another audio file format such as WAV, VQF, WMA to MP3 or MP3Pro format.
The option should always be there, but without the Encoder, when you attempt to convert to MP3 or MP3Pro, and your 30 time trial period had expired, it pop up a window indicating your Encoder is missing or Expired. With the Encoder installed, this message would no longer appear.

Now your installation proccess indicated that it had installed properly, but when you attempted to use it, it was still indicating that it was missing. So the "Quick Response" I had sent you would have resolved this issue if the Encoder had been installed in the Nero directory, but for some reason had failed to properly install in the NeroMix directory. (Of course if Nero was not on your system then it would not have helped you.)

No Encoder is needed for Nero or NeroMix to take an MP3 or MP3Pro file and write to CD to create an Audio CD, or an MP3 audio CD.



MP3Mogul -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/24/2002 12:52:19 AM)

Thank you craig. I explained that above in my post, about what the encoder was for. Again, as I stated in my post above, music stored on an audio CD is NOT in mp3 format, you don't need an encoder to rip the files, the MP3 encoder, is just for that, to encode MP3's. An encoder is also needed to read the MP3 files once created.

boredtoo -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/24/2002 5:38:53 PM)

Thanks for the response Craig. I will attempt to rip an audio CD tonight and post my progress.

boredtoo -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (10/25/2002 4:04:19 AM)

Well, I must admit that I completely overlooked the obvious. In NeroMIX, when you press the Record button a Wizard starts. In that Wizard there is an option to "Create 'mp3PRO' audio files". Since this menu did not say anything about MP3 files, I assumed the two were separate. However, I now see that under the Options button I have the choice to rip to MP3s and MP3PRO. I was reading the menu system a little too literally. Sorry for the time waster guys and thanks for being patient with me.

Snarl -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (1/11/2003 1:04:55 AM)

Boredtoo; I have the exact same problem, purchased NeroMix and the MP3Pro plugin, installed NeroMix, then Installed the plugin (Nero 5.5 was already installed). I then put in a CD and fired up NeroMix, had neromix recognize the CD and update the playlist with the track information, clicked on the record wizard, and there is no MP3/MP3Pro option, I'm stumped. So far (2 Days) no answer from customer support.
Mp3 and MP3Pro do however show up under Preferences, Input and Output Plugins and will alow some configuration settings. Problem is the same after 3 re-installs. My copy of Nero 5.5 seems to encode okay however. NeroMix by the way :)

Any ideas ?

P.S. Tried this and it doesn't work"

"Go into the NeroMix's Preferences, and under General go to 'Recording Control' and be sure the 'InPut OutPut Selections' options is checked, and not the wizard.
then go back to the NeroMix program and select your input soure as File, and then your output source as MP3 and then just select your files and convert."

Best Regards; Snarl

CCampbell -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (1/13/2003 10:24:20 PM)

Hi Snarl,

This does not sound right. I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling NeroMix, using the latest release from our website.

And then reinstall the MP3Pro Plugin.

Do you now have this option to convert to MP3 or MP3Pro format?



Snarl -> RE: NeroMIX MP3 encoder (1/16/2003 2:47:01 PM)

Craig, Thank you for your response. I completely uninstalled neroMix then went to the Nero site and downloaded the newest version 1,3,1,6. I then started it up and applied my serial number, all okay to this point. I checked the record function at this point and no MP3/MP3Pro options were availiable, this was odd as I thought it came with limited functionality in this regard. At this point my link for the full version of the MP3Pro Encoder was still active so I downloaded it and applied, all reported to be in order at this time. I started NeroMix up and checked the recorder function and still no MP3/Mp3 Pro features availiable. Please note that under preferences/input plugins and output plugins both show an option for MP3Pro. What options the recorder function does offer are the following;
Record Audio CD
Record a CD-Rom
Copy a CD
Create 'MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)' Audio Files
Create 'Aiff file' audio files
Create 'MS Audio file' audio files
Create 'TwinVQ' audio files
Create 'PCM Wav file' audio files
And thats it, changing to manual recording control offers no new options. I'm stumped as to what the problem is, have you tried it yourself to see if you can duplicate it ? My copy of Nero-Burning Rom works as advertised using the MP3Pro upgrade and all the files appear to be in the right spot. If you can help Craig I would greatly appreciate it, my e-mail to Nero tech support remains unanswered other than you kind assistance.

Best regards; Snarl

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