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virge666 -> Audio CD Player (10/9/2002 6:40:42 AM)

I have a Yamaha DVD-c996 5 Platter DVD Player.

I have been told that this unit does not support CDR or CDRW. However some CDR's do in fact work an others don't.

Why??, is this because of the burning options/settings or is it because some CDR's are different to others.

The one that worked was an IMation 4x-10X CDRW.

Anyone's thoughts . . .[B)]

john -> RE: Audio CD Player (10/9/2002 1:00:52 PM)

This is probably cause of different reflectivity of the various CD-R media. Probably CD-RW may work better with your player, am i correct?

scum1 -> RE: Audio CD Player (10/9/2002 3:45:17 PM)

Yes I had a similar problem. I could only play vcds on my dvd player if I used memorex platinum cdrw's no cdr's would work

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