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emperor -> Information about readers.... (5/19/2004 5:20:44 AM)

Here is some information about writing quality readers supported from Nero CD-DVD Speed:

Number of samples:
* NU-Tech drives around 17000 samples
* MediaTek around 140000 samples

Measured values:
* NU-Tech: PI, PIF, POF and Jitter
* Mediatek (LiteOn/BTC): PI and PIF
* BenQ/Philips: PI, POF and Jitter
* Plextor PX-712: PI, POF, BETA and Jitter (Only supported from PlexTools)

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (5/19/2004 6:24:51 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

emperor -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/19/2004 7:29:02 AM)

Added information about Plextor drives, no idea about the sampling rate [:(]

Tony Veglis -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/19/2004 8:14:07 AM)

Is this sampling rate the same when scanning per 8 ECC or 1ECC?

emperor -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/19/2004 8:16:19 AM)

Hmm, good point, we have to investigate this

Halc -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/20/2004 1:06:05 PM)

Great info, thanks!

While you are at it, can you also test if the scanning speed (1x - 8x) affects the number of sample points?

It's odd that BenQ doesn't report PIF. I though it was the exact same chipset as with NuTech drives?

I wonder if it's just a support issue with CD-DVD Speed?

Another interesting thing to test, imho, would be to test a really horrible disc. On early kProbe versions these would report PI/PO values that are impossible (more errors / ecc block than is actually possible on a dvd).

Keep up the _great_ work!


emperor -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/20/2004 1:59:05 PM)

Halc as we showed, the scanning speed does affect the total of number samples. NU/BenQ/Philips include the Nexperia chipset but maybe NU has a different command at firmware so it supports PIF. I don't know if CD-DVD Speed has a specific problem with it. As for testing a really horrible disc, we have such disc, mediatek drives seem to report almost 1200+ constant PI error rate

Halc -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/21/2004 2:04:01 AM)

Thanks, I had missed that (speed vs sample points). Can you summarize how much is the difference on the Nexperia chipset using 1x vs 8x scanning speed (i.e. how many scan points is the difference)?

I heard from Nic that BenQ has an issue with firmware about PIF scanning. I'm unsure if it will be fixed.

I'd like to get a BenQ drive (with OPC II + Tilt control) as opposed to the lousy NuTech drives, but if BenQ can't fix the PIF support, I may have to reconsider.

That seems like a bad disc. See if you can get more than 1600 :)

Has anybody heard what is the bug with Mediatek chipset error spikes and why Mediatek still hasn't fixed it?


emperor -> RE: Information about readers.... (5/21/2004 4:00:02 AM)

I will post soon Nexperia drive test results so you will have a comparison level.

About BenQ and PIF he is correct, BenQ at least for now doens't report PIF errors.

The MediaTek chipset error spikes are present at all series, it seems a design error, high spikes are also present at nexperia chipsets, not so sure if same kind of bug however

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