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ZeusWR -> Sega Saturn Boot Disc (9/27/2002 7:19:39 AM)


Im looking for a Boot cd for saturn , to play Cdr games wothout mod chip . Someone konws where i can get one??? I heard about a developers cd named KD01 , but i cant find it .


john -> RE: Sega Saturn Boot Disc (9/27/2002 12:52:28 PM)

Hmm..We knew a guy trying to overpass Sega Saturn protection but so far nothing has finished. As far i know modchip is still needed

Gabs -> RE: Sega Saturn Boot Disc (10/3/2002 7:25:18 AM)

You can just swop the cd REAL fast when just as it reads the outside of the CD and starts towards the middle. You'll have to keep the little switch which reports on whether the drive is open or not depressed throughout and be lucky, but it DOES work.

sixxkiller -> RE: Sega Saturn Boot Disc (10/9/2002 12:50:45 AM)

hi guys

not sure if the saturn is the same as the dreamcast if it is then yes there is aboot disc available also a lot of backups are selfbootable
hope this helps

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