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zoidman -> Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (9/21/2002 1:20:59 AM)

I am having a problem renaming files that have been written to a dvd-rw or cd-rw UDF disk using InCD in Windows XP Pro. The error that occurs appears when I rename the file is in what looks like a Windows XP dialog box as follows:

"Cannot rename The parameter is incorrect" being the file I wish to rename. The InCD is v3.3.7.0 running under Windows XP Pro. I have flashed my DVD burner ( Pioneer DVR-104) and have tried reloading Nero and InCD. I have also upgraded my ASPI files but nothing seems to cure this problem. I tried loading NeroBurnRights thinking it might be a permissions issue but that didn't work. I have also tried turning off auto insertion and the write to cd features of XP Pro. Nothing seems to help. The problem occurs on freshly formatted dvd-rw's / cd-rw's and on disks that have been re-formatted. This error also occurs when trying to create a new folder. The error will not let you type a folder name after the folder is created. Everything else in InCD appears to be working fine and I can copy, cut, paste, delete files or directories. I just can't rename anything once it's on the dvd-rw / cdr-w. Could this be a permissions issue, an aspi issue, a InCD issue ?????

My question is has anyone else experienced this error and if so, how did you fix it?

Any help on this would be fantastic.


MP3Mogul -> RE: Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (9/22/2002 3:23:45 AM)

Zoidman, download this file at the below link:

This is an ASPI fix, as WinXp doesn't like any ASPI layer above 4.60. Hopefully this will resolve your situation, as I had the same problem and Laffin sent me the link.

zoidman -> RE: Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (9/23/2002 7:02:52 AM)

Thanks MP3Mogul

I'll give it a spin and see what happens.

Just an update, I tried a fresh install of XP Pro and SP1 to see if I had some leftover programs that were corrupting InCD. No luck. Same problems as before. But I did download a very new update for Easy Creator v5.0 / Direct CD. I uninstalled InCD and loaded Easy Creator / InCD and everything appears to work great perfect.

I liked using Direct CD in the past until I went to XP. It did work under XP then. Now Direct CD, with the update, seems to work so maybe I should just stick with it. It seems to read the dvd-rw I have already created using InCD. I can still use Nero to burn with and Direct CD to do packet writing.

I'm just starting to backup 260gb of MP3 and don't want to have to switch packet writers half way thru.

Thanks for the help


MP3Mogul -> RE: Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (9/24/2002 2:28:15 AM)

Glad to have helped. To avoid any conflict, make sure you remove any reminents of InCD (if you haven't already done so) I didn't quite understand if you had reinstalled InCD after the fresh XP installation or not. But if you did, completely remove InCD and remove any trace of it in the registery, as InCD and DirectCD on the same system will cause conflict. [8D]

matr70 -> RE: Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (10/13/2002 9:50:41 AM)

I had the same problem when I upgraded to v3.37.0. I run win2k SP2, nero 5.5.8. I tried the ASPI fix suggested here and didn't work.

My solution: revert to InCD v3.31.0.

I'd be happy to know of any better solution.

matr70 -> RE: Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (10/25/2002 2:47:46 AM)

Ahead acknowledged the problem. Here's the e-mail from their cosutmer support.


Dear customer,

This is a common problem. Our Engineers are aware of this issue and working on a solution.

Chris_98 -> RE: Renaming Files on a InCD UDF Disk (11/6/2002 7:43:29 PM)


a note to say I am also experiencing the same error message on 2 PC's running WIN2k pro and have so far found no solution. 1 PC is SP2. I have applied the latest aspi updates from adaptec (version 4.72) and still no better.

As I have set up a fresh install of win2k pro with nero and incd and it works. this is not a solution though and am keen to follow this thread as it must be a software issue.

Other software on the PC:
yahoo messenger
HP printers are installed on both PC's(4550N + PS1100)

I have removed all systray apps and stopped lots of background services, including ctsvccda.exe - the creative service for cdrom access. no difference, same error.

I conclude to set up windows and install each bit of software cheking incd between each install. a particularly tedious job.


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