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Dolphinius_Rex -> CMC bad?? (9/14/2002 9:52:42 AM)

Okay, first off, I would like to say that I work for a Recordable CD/DVD media company, And all of our CDs come from CMC (all of our DVDs come from Prodisc if you're wondering). Now, I personally am confused with all the anti-CMC stuff going on here, I've used our CDs A LOT, I easily burn 50 CD-Rs a month...and I've NEVER had a problem with the CDs from CMC. I can't say anything about ProDisc, since I don't have a DVD burner....yet :) . Also, it was mentioned that some of Memorex's CDs are made by CMC....well, CMC has assured us that this isn't true (which makes sense to me, because I've had a lot more problems with memorex CDs then the factory direct ones we buy from CMC), so I'm wondering where that info was found. Also, Why is everyone only talking about compatability issues? generally, that's BURNER specific, not CD specific. I'm more concerned with the fact most Blue bottomed CD-Rs have a life span of about 3-5 years (especailly since most of my older blue bottomed CDs are about 4 years old, and they've begun dying on me!).

Back to CMC for a moment, I would love to hear some reports as to WHY they're not good in peoples eyes, I need a little more info on that :) please don't quote me stuff from CDMediaWorld though, especially since, their info is mostly 2 years old or more, and too many things have changed since then! thanks in advance guys!

Graffitti -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/14/2002 10:45:19 AM)

from my personal experience, all the CMCs that I've used with my Yamaha CRW-F1 just can't burn without errors after it reaches around 32x or so even when they're rated for speeds up to 40x. the Error check I use is through nero cdspeed's cd quality check. around after that point where it starts burning at 32x, errors'll be around 300 or so which is neglible with mode1 cds since they are correctable.. However with mode2 cds... it's a totally different case.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/14/2002 11:22:47 AM)

I know what you mean with mode 2 CDs! but I'm not familiar with Nero CDSpeeds CD Quality Check, nor can a find reference to it on their website. Is it part of regular Nero? if so, what version was it incorperated into? Thank you for your info on CMC 40x CD-Rs, I'm going to look into it immedietly...well, actually, I'll do it in 8 hours when I wake up and go to work... but you know what I mean :)

Graffitti -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/14/2002 11:44:13 AM)

go to start > program > ahead > nero toolkit

it should be in there

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/14/2002 8:19:03 PM)

great thanks! you'd think that ahead would have info about that easily available on theur site!...oh well. Now I get to go play with some new software...YAY!

MP3Mogul -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/15/2002 12:17:40 AM)


You work for CMC? Well, you should also know that I do have several discs that are MEMOREX and ATIP identifies these discs as made by CMC!!!!!!

These discs do not write at the advertised speed in alot of cdrw drives! I know that this is a limitation imposed by the writer's firmware. However, the firmware writers have done this because writing at a speed other than what is listed in the drive's firmware produces alot of coasters, or cd's full of errors. This seems to be the case with every CMC disc that I use. I use the Yamaha CD writers, 3200 and CRW-F1, neither of these writers will use a CMC disc at it's advertised speed!

john -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/15/2002 12:37:11 AM)

Several CMC media we tested in past was very bad...We would suggest avoid using them

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/15/2002 10:30:45 AM)

LOL! no, I don't work for CMC! :) I work for a CD/DVD media store that sells primarily CMC CD media (we also sell ProDisc DVDs). If I DID work for CMC I WOULD have known that, you're right. it would have saved me making a fool of myself in other posts as well. However, I still have had more problems with memorex CD-Rs (older ones made by CMC, but you can still get them from future shop)then the factory direct CD-Rs that we sell in my store...this confuses me [?] Well, I have just invested in a LiteOn 40x12x48x burner, and I plan to do significant testing on our CDs! (especailly since I am sorta in charge of quality control!) So that oughta keep me busy for a while! I'm still looking for info from people about burner incompatability issues with CMC CD-Rs, or anything related to CMC CD-Rs (positive or negative). I'm also starting to look for a new supplier.... but that could take a while. Thanks for everything guys!

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/15/2002 10:09:02 PM)

John: How far back in the past? are we talking years or months or weeks? 85% of the CDs we stalk are only a couple months old (exept for the 12x and 16x CD-Rs which arn't even made any more).

MP3Mogul -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/17/2002 4:39:51 AM)


Even fresh CMC media produces coasters and high CRC errors! As John stated above, most of the users here in the forum do not utilize them because of their reputation and because of their actual errors.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/17/2002 12:26:03 PM)

Their quality must have improved significantly then. I've gone through over 200 32x CD-Rs (burned at 32x) in the last 2 days and not a single bad burn or fatal error. Of course, it helps that we just picked up a LiteOn 40x12x48x for the job! (w00t w00t!) I liked using it so much I'm buying one for myself! On a side note, due to the information on this site and my incessant nagging (and a really REALLY friendly supplier), my store now carries Mitsui and T.Y. CD-Rs! we are also carrying Gold/Gold ProDisc CD-Rs, and some really groovy 90+min CD-Rs by Ritech! and tomorrow we're picking up some 12x CD-RWs by Princo (I really REALLY hate Princo, but RWs are ok I guess). Here's a question for you guys our there: Why does T.Y. only make Blue bottom CD-Rs??

eddy2 -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/17/2002 1:50:33 PM)

i bought some verbatim datlife cdr's made by cmc and none up till now have had any errors on them.

a lot of other brands of cdr by ritek and prodisc have had errors on them near the end of the cdr's but not the cmc ones. so they must have improved a lot

rjw -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/17/2002 9:23:18 PM)

Also, it was mentioned that some of Memorex's CDs are made by CMC....well, CMC has assured us that this isn't true (which makes sense to me, because I've had a lot more problems with memorex CDs then the factory direct ones we buy from CMC), so I'm wondering where that info was found.
Choose hersteller.Select CMC and click on anzeigen. As you can see the 12x Memorex were made by CMC magnetics.

The ATIP code of the 24x Memorex which was tested by PC WELT also indicates CMC Magnetics.
I would love to hear some reports as to WHY they're not good in peoples eyes, I need a little more info on that :)

1st Because most of the test results (German and Dutch Magazines) say so.Now I know that these tests aren't complete (infact I had a lot of talking with these mags about missinterpretating or incomplete testing.) However if I take the overall result and do a correct interpretating I still find out that CMC Magnetics quality isn't that good and in some cases even more worse as some test results say.

Some online reviews of CMC Magnetic made disc's can be found here.
It is written in German. So use a translator if you can't read German or if you still don't understand it mail me and I am willing to translate it to English. By the way the rating system is as followed
1 is best 5 is worst.
And when it says quality note: 4.8 for the Imation disc's (E 32 errors were on the disc. Which are the worst sort of errors.) this doesn't mean anything good. This result was based on 3 burners including a Lite On and A Plextor.
It looks like the 1.5 overall is an error and I allready mailed the people about it.
But If you want can try to get your own brand disc's brand tested as long as you can get these disc's somewhere in Germany that is.

2nd Disc's are having errors after 3 months. However I also have 2 or 3 CMC Magnetic disc's which still work after 3 years. But that's 3 of the 50 or so.
Most of these disc's where burned with a philips 3610. Now I know that the philips 3610 is a poor burner. However I never had problems with Taiyo Yuden/ Mitsui disc's(which are 4/5 years old and still working good) with this burner.And I burned quite a lot of disc's before it really died and I switched to my Plexwriter 24/10/40A.

One good point is that there are some better CMC Magnetics disc's as others (Verbatim/TDK) but they still don't score as good as cheap Taiyo Yuden disc's or the more Expensive Mitsui disc's.

my store now carries Mitsui

GOLD ? Since these score really awesome in any test I have seen.
The only problem is that they aren't cheap. But there really one of the best disc's out there if not the best disc out there.

12x CD-RWs by Princo (I really REALLY hate Princo, but RWs are ok I guess).

For CD-RW's sell Verbatim if you want to sell quality since I have no problems after more than 80 rewrites and that's longer then with any other cd-rw I have used.

Now let me give you some advice for testing. This is as good as you can get without expensive materials.
1st Since you have a Lite On drive use WSES since it can detect C-1 and C-2 errors.A second run could be done with a new plextor burner of combo drive and something that can detect c2 errors (Nero speed/feurio/plextools)Since on the newer plextor models c-2 error detection is really good.
2nd Do 2 test runs one after writing and one after a couple of months/weeks under extreme conditions(sun and rain)
3rd Test more disc's then one and test of different packs
4th Use different writers and write speeds. Keep in mind not all people use full speed. I still have some friends who burn audio still at 1x and for that reason don't want a new writer (even the Yamaha with audio master) because they think that it is better even after that I have prooved that they are wrong. [:D]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/18/2002 5:34:35 AM)

RJW: Tahnks for all the info! wow! yeah, you're right about the Memorex CD0Rs, I was mis-informed, or I mis-understood what was said to me, either way, my bad. Sorry. I will, deffinatly take your advice on the testing, I've been looking for good testing software. Perhaps you could direct me to an info page on C1 and C2 errors. I don't actually know much about them [:(]

I know how you feel about people not understanding that burning audio CDs at 1x doesn't make them better! nobody like listening to facts anymore!

MP3Mogul -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/18/2002 1:38:43 PM)

TY DOESN'T only make blue bottom CDr's. Where did you get that piece of information from? As a matter of speaking, I don't have any blue bottom CDR's that are manufactured by TY!!! Dolphilius Rex, where do you keep getting all this "misinformation" please only post correct info in the forum.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: CMC bad?? (9/20/2002 12:18:35 AM)

MP3_mogul I'm sorry if I don't always have correct iformation. However, nobody's perfect anyways. My company was informed by our supplier that T.Y. only makes Blue bottemed CD-Rs. I took that that information here for verification. If you remember, I asked why they did, a simple answer of: They don't, would suffice. As you are obviously aware of, there is A LOT of misinformation about CD-Rs and the like. I am trying to fill in the blanks of my own knowledge, and dispel urben legends.

On a side note, I am starting to distrust CD-Identifier. I have been noticing certain mistakes here and there. Especially with re-writables!

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