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THE GREAT ONE -> WHY STOP PIRACY? (9/12/2002 1:52:35 AM)

Just going to stir up the hornets nest with this one!
Please tell me every-law abiding citizen out there--

Here are my points on why people SHOULDN'T stop pirating these

1- Common folk like me are being ripped of by big companies IE; SONY
giving us limited use cd's like the Jennifer Lopez album
for example.. 15 so I can only use the cd in a stereo system??
That is a big rip off!

2- Again the price of the item itself- why buy it when you can just
get it from a pirate near U -- or even do them yourself for a
fraction of the original cost.

3- PC software- often full of bugs and unfinished... why bother
buying the original when you can get it from someone at a fraction
of the price again and then download the update - or in the best
case scenario.. get broadband and download the software from a
warez site??

Its about time people around here stood up to the music companies and told them that we will not stand for this sh*teness.

I am not a pirate- yet!
Dont get me wrong- I havent sold my soul to the devil yet!

But why should I get ass-fuc*ed by all the major companies around the world when I could invest in a CD/DVD writer myself and go it alone???

Please give me good reasons why I should'nt turn to a life of crime... and sit back while you all get shafted over and over again!!



Tron -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (9/12/2002 4:06:08 AM)

I will allow you to talk about the good and bad of piracy because this is an open forum, but be advised that this forums stand on piracy is that we are against it, and will not allow this forum to be used to do any piracy. John may deside to close this topic, but sice you are not asking for software or *****s I will allow this for now. Be advised that I will keep a close watch on this topic, and if I feel you step over the line I will lock or delete this topic on the spot.

john -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (9/12/2002 11:38:49 AM)

Violate the laws of your country may lead you in jail you know. That's a good reason to avoid such illegal behaviour

THE GREAT ONE -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (9/12/2002 2:51:41 PM)

As I stated in my earlier topic - I AM NOT A PIRATE!!
And neither am I dealing in any other illegal wares myself ta!

So why shut down my topic when I have already stated this- also
I havent had anyone deny that they themself are not a pirate in some way or another- got something to hide Tron??

Feel free-- I'll B waiting! [}:)]

Clint -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (9/12/2002 3:01:48 PM)

Well if you don't "feel" like paying for a CD/game, don't buy it and don't use it....


Because it's wrong, simple. Need I say more??

Just imagine how much money they spend on marketing, licencing, printing and mastering equiptment etc.??!

C'mon man.... Why do you need this topic here [?]

Tron -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (9/12/2002 5:04:25 PM)

Nope, just making sure you understand the rules here. Do not want you to make a error and do something that would cause me to lock this out. So far you have not, but like I said this thread will be watched closely......

And one more thing, make sure that your topic maintains respect to others and to the Mods....

harpocrates23 -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (1/21/2003 1:37:10 AM)

Just stumbled upon this topic and felt i should reply! I am against piracy not cuz its against the law but because ppl who have worked hard to create a program or a game lose a lot of money from pirates who havent worked at all to sell that copy! I do agree that the music industry must be fighted against and that they charge to much for cd's and give to little to the artist thats why i download mp3's too! but when i believe something was worth buying because i think the artist did a good job then i go buy the original to contribute to his work! And as for software the reason u can download it is to c if it does the job u want it to do and then BUY it! id like to c how u feel about piracy when u create a program or a game and get paid zilch for all your hard work cuz no1 bought the original! I believe then u would change your mind!!!!

Tron -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (1/21/2003 6:56:19 AM)

Would have to agree with you there. Also note, it is up to the author if they want to give out a demo of their software too. I know a lot of people download software that is not legal, but the position of this forum is that we need to keep it legal to make sure we do not get shut down. What you do is your business, but keep it legal here. that way you pay for your own mistakes if you get caught. we do not want anything to do with it......

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (1/21/2003 8:52:36 AM)

"the great one" ??? yeah, ok....sure.

First of all, this is an open forum, that means kids too, so please watch your language, yes, that means implied language too!

Secondly, on some points I agree with you: I don't agree with the big name music companies charging what they do and giving pennies to the artists. I really believe we should pay the artists directly when possible. I even agree that some software *IS* really cruddy, and shouldn't cost what it does. This does not however mean we can apply these "rules" to everything. There is a difference between making a statement to people about the quality to cost ratio, and just plain being greedy.

Thirdly: please respect the moderators, they are here for a reason, and are allowing this topic to continue VERY generously! so don't push your luck!

I would also like to say that even though I agree that sometimes things can be justified to make a statement. I also believe that quality programming should be paid for, and programming that isn't quality should not be used!

Tron -> RE: WHY STOP PIRACY? (1/21/2003 3:42:13 PM)

Well I really think this topic has gone full circle. We all understand our policy, and people will do what they think is right I guess. Remember one thing, if nobody paid for software and music there would be no money in it, so there would be no music or software. Also that we are an open forum, so let us set a good example to the children, and keep it legal on this forum.

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