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sangram -> 1x Burn speed (9/8/2002 9:40:34 AM)


I was using Musicmatch for all my audio burning due to ECDC crapping out. I had MusicMatch 6.1 installed and just upgraded to 7.2 this morning.

Well all is fne, I love the new burner and the levelling feature and everything, but I have lost the ability to write CDs at 1x, which I need for my car player. Now I am also having a problem with ECDC, which is on another post - My audio writing is going to suffer badly because of this.

Some help would be great. I have looked at all the 'ini files for clues but in spite of my best abilities have been unable to come up with something.

MP3Mogul -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/8/2002 3:17:03 PM)

MusicMatch 7.2 should not affect your ability to write at 1X. There is not a bottom end speed limitation with the software. It would be most helpful if you could tell me something about your system (and CD writer), and operating system. Have you made any other recent changes when things stopped working? I am both an Alpha and Beta tester for MusicMatch, so I look forward to assisting you with this problem.

sangram -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/8/2002 8:23:51 PM)

Thanks for the reply.

Earlier (with 6.1) I got a full list of options starting from 1x and then incrementing to 24x. i,e, 1x, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24x. I used to always burn at 1x.

Now I just get 8, 12, 16 and 24x.

My System is on Windows 2000, it's an Athlon XP1800+ on a Soltek SL-75DRV2. The burner is a LG GCE 8240 B, and supports all speeds upto 24x, 10x and 40x for CDR, RW and read respectively.

Lemme know if you need any more info.

Oh, and BTW, ECDC shows a bottom speed of 2x for my drive.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/8/2002 8:34:14 PM)

Hi sangram
Hardly any of the new CDR Media or Writers will write at 1x but I can't understand why you are trying to write it at 1x ! Your CD Player should at the very least support 2x reading so I suggest you change the brand of Media !!!

MP3Mogul -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/9/2002 1:42:32 AM)

Okay I see what you are saying now. This is the MusicMatch and not your system. You have release 7.2.0xxxxx download the latest release, it will correct your problem.

Tron -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/9/2002 2:02:32 PM)

The thing is, if your car cd player will only read discs that were burned at 1x you need to get better media or a new burner. Thats should not be the case..... I would follow LA's advice and try new media. You might try some CDs made for music. I know that Memorex makes some, and I am sure that others do as well....

Clint -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/9/2002 2:40:20 PM)

I'm not sure that it was writing at 1X to begin with, it could be like CloneCD, you select 1X and if your drive doesn't support that speed it will write the next best...

What was the writing times for a full 650/700MB (74min/80min) CD at "1X" with your LG [?]

sangram -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/9/2002 4:26:35 PM)

@Clint: Well, maybe you have something going there, it may have actually burnt at something like 4x, can't exactly remember how much time it used to take 'cause I've done maybe 5 or 6 compilations from my Cd collections, but maybe 40-45 minutes per burn. Or maybe 20. Dang I have no clue, I never ever tried to figure that bit out.

However my older burner (an HP 8250i? Don't remember, but it was a 4/4/24 burner) would take about 16 minutes to burn a full 650 MB CD, and those CDs also have issues with my car player. The only ones it is able to play correctly are the new low speed burns on the new writer.

When I say, play correctly, I mean: Play without extensive skipping, seek quickly to selected track, and resume playing from the last stopped point in 10/12 seconds max.

In terms of Media, I've been through three brands: HP, Samsung and Frontech. The last two are recent, HP is rarely available and is the best for audio among all three, specially if written at a low enough speed. My home player has no issues with CDs written at 24x, the max speed of the writer. Only in the car (which is subject to a lot of vibration) I have these problems. I'm working my way through a 100-CD spindle of Frontech CDs (which, IMO are brilliant and it doesn't matter since all these are made in the same factory in India by Moser-Baer) which should be over in a while, and some preserved HP blanks.

Mitsubishi is hard to find, their Blue Azo stuff is supposed to be great for Audio. Memorex is TDK, right?? The others are bargain-basement stuff I wouldn't touch.

Sorry. I Live in India. Some things may not be the same as other countries.

sangram -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/9/2002 4:56:53 PM)

OK everybody

Sorry for all that confusion.

I was up at the LG website today, and guess what: The drive doesn't actually have the ability to write at 1x, only at 8, 12, 16 and 24, which are the speeds reported by MMJB's burner.

So, I'm sorry for taking everybody on a wild goose chase but Clint really confirmed it for me.

Thanks and sorry again.

Be seein ya.


MP3Mogul -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/10/2002 12:51:41 AM)

Glad the issue is resolved!

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/10/2002 1:59:48 AM)

Yeah so am I !!! [:D]

razor911 -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/11/2002 9:37:32 AM)

I use frontech too to write. But i guess the frontech cd quality is not good for audio. i too live in india and i had brought the frontech 50 cd sprindle for just Rs.500 which is approximately 10$ american dollars. Pretty cheap quality and price. HP and Sony rule when it comes to audio quality. Besides there are issues about frontech supporting 1x speed.


And The Ego Has Landed!!!

rjw -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/23/2002 10:21:54 AM)

Memorex isn't made by TDK. However both have used disc's made by CMC,Ritek,Taiyo Yuden.
The Hp's are probally made by Mitsui or Taiyo Yuden.
I like to know is the underside silver or blue of these HP's.
Silver is mitsui and my experience is that Mitsui has a better compatibility with most players then any other brand. The only problem for me is that I can hardly get any Mitsui cd's for a decent price and that's why I am ussing Verbatim's Metal Azo these days. One good point of AZO is that when writen real slow(>4x)with most writers the quality is really good.

MP3Mogul -> RE: 1x Burn speed (9/24/2002 2:15:25 AM)

I have found that burn speed on the newer drives does not affect quality whatsoever, I burn at max speed each time now, and the quality is not affected.

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