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Laffin Assassin -> What is Firmware and What is it Used for ??? (9/3/2002 3:53:02 AM)

Question :-
What is Firmware and What is it Used for ???

Answer :-
Firmware is programming that is inserted into programmable Read-Only Memory (programmable ROM) thus becoming a permanent part of a computing device !!!

Firmware is created and tested like software! When ready it can be distributed like other software and using a special user interface installed in the programmable Read-Only Memory by the users very easily (If they follow the Instructions that come with it or from the Source they get it from )!

Firmware is sometimes distributed for CD-Writers, Printers, Modems, Graphics Cards and other Computer Devices and it is mostly used to upgrade your Hardware if any new Advancements are made this is how they are transfered to your Hardware !!!

Q: Why should (or not) use a firmware upgrade? (added by john)

A: Usually firmware ugrades should be used from users. With them, manufacturers solve problems that were present with the initial revision. In order to have the best performance, latest firmware version is usually reccomended.

Q: Is there any danger if i decide to use a firmware upgrade? (added by john)

A: If you use each manufacturer, instructions, you eliminate the changes of something goes wrong and mess up your drive. Usually the most danger case is that power cut off, while performing a firmware upgrading, making the drive useless. Also note that when perform a firmware upgrade, you are violating the warranty (some manufacturers state that, some doesn't).

Q: I heard of an old rule, if it works don't mess with it (added by john)

Q: yes that rule also applies in our case. If you are not face any kind of problems, leave it working. Asking other users, if they used a firmware upgrade, or reading what's new in each release (when there is such information) will also help you decide, if the firmware upgrade is nessecery or not. [;)]

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