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rblake -> InCD destabilises my system! (9/29/2001 6:31:15 AM)

Both the older and the newer (2.32) versions of InCD make my system run badly!!!

Copying is slow, Windows Explorer errors when CDRW disks are removed (using the InCD eject function, of course).

Incidentally, when a CDRW is inserted and AIN is off, how do I tell InCD that a CDRW is inserted? I had to reboot just now to make it recognise it! There should be a "check for mounted CDRW" option to click!

Not a happy bear


john -> RE: InCD destabilises my system! (9/29/2001 12:51:42 PM)

Usually packet writing software causes problems..We do our tests with it but not use it for everyday

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phop007 -> RE: InCD destabilises my system! (9/29/2001 11:44:55 PM)

Q. how do I tell InCD that a CDRW is inserted?
A. You have to enable auto insert notification or just eject cd and insert cd again and go to my computer press F5 to refresh and double click on CD Drive (CDRW) try to do it one or many time until Incd recognise your CD

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