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Laffin Assassin -> New Forum Layout !!! (8/24/2002 5:07:49 PM)

Hi John
I love the new Forum Layout it was a good Idea to add the New DVD Sections and the Fast reply Function !!![^]
Well Done Mate !!![:)][8D]

john -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/24/2002 9:07:36 PM)

It includes many new features that you will not get notice easily (example its way faster...) and also email address is now hided! [:p]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/24/2002 9:21:37 PM)

You hiding the e-mail was a good Idea as well!
I also like the change you have made with the Smilies by putting them at the side of the Reply Form !!!
Well Done Mate !!![:)]

Clint -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/25/2002 2:37:35 AM)

Everything new is great [8D]

Except I don't like very much the 'big line' thingy above our sigs now [:(]

Oh well, can't have everything.... [:I]

One suggestion, like the DVD section has a 'New models' part, maybe the CD-RW section could have a 'New models" section as well! [;)]

(just a thought)

Tron -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/25/2002 6:38:43 AM)

Looks nice and handles some DVD issues now that the format is getting so popular. Well done!

john -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/25/2002 8:46:57 AM)

We are still experiment with it, be patient and all issues will be worked out. [:)]

digi -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/27/2002 6:30:44 AM)

Hey John, very nice work!

Having a strange prob tho: when I login I loose access to all the forums (??!). So I first have to logout, and of course login again if I want to post.

I have patience... just in case you haven't noticed that one...

Cheers [8D]

john -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/27/2002 4:49:51 PM)


Try keep the cookie in PC, and select from the drop down menu access to all forums

digi -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/28/2002 8:55:17 AM)

I tried all that but I still get this:
"An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator."

If I log out I have a full access, if I login I'm only allowed in the category I was in already [:p]

digi -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/28/2002 10:04:53 AM)

I also tried deleting all my coockies + internet cache, then checked the Save Password and tried again.
After that I changed my password and tried all again [:o)]

Nope, nada, nente, ochi [8)]

john -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/29/2002 1:52:14 AM)

Hmm..Cannot replicate your problem...

digi -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/29/2002 11:21:57 AM)

Trying it now from Opera 6.05 browser, coockies allowed, getting the same problem exactly...
I never had this problem with the "old" forum syle [8)]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/29/2002 1:29:18 PM)

Well it looks like it is at your end not ours otherwise loads of members would be getting problems wouldn't they and as of yet there is only you reporting it !!!

digi -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/29/2002 5:06:44 PM)

This thought has occurred to me of course, but it aint helping the prob [8)]

The facts are that:

- this started when you changed the forum
- I haven't changed anything in my system
- I don't get this in the 20 other forums I participate in
- It might be on my end but that nobody complains is no proof
- If it's on my end, I would appreciate some ideas from the knowledgeable brain tank on your end... [:)]


john -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/29/2002 5:08:24 PM)

For now i propose to live with it, unless we found out the bug that is causing this [:I]

digi -> RE: New Forum Layout !!! (8/29/2002 5:18:15 PM)

I'll live with it o'right - it could be worse... [8D]

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