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GreenMachine -> Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 12:58:04 AM)

I see all the forum posts are gone before I could get the info I needed on a post. Im having problems with any program detecting my burner. The only program that detects the drive is NTI (the software that came with the burner). I checked the Creative website and no firmware updates. Could anyone help me out??


Sillygates -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 1:34:49 AM)

Use nero Burning Rom:

GreenMachine -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 1:47:49 AM)

I've tried Nero, Easy CD Creator and Pyro. Only the program the burner came with (NTI) will work.

Sillygates -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 2:47:18 AM)

Well i can only think of one way: Flashing your drives firmware to plexwriter firmware.

Your drive internally is a Plextor 12x10x32a (dont think that this is a bad drive) i have one of these i got after it won numerous awards. (firmware avaible at

There are problems if you upgrade past 1.04firmware (this drive can copy early safe disc 2 and prevernted past firmware 1.04)

What I recommend:

Make your drive show up as plexwriter121032a:


This SHOULD work with adaptec, nero, etc (at least they do for me)

Sillygates -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 2:51:23 AM)

The Cd Media World update should work even thoughits tdk2plex because it works for all plexwriter equivatents (click the floppy disk to start the download

cityline99 -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 5:42:55 AM)

but before upgrading firmware
pls make sure that your 12x creative is plextor or liteon
..otherwise, you will wow........

OC-Freak -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 7:13:45 AM)

If it's the 1210E model, it's a lite-on LTR-12101B.

You could convert it to a lite-on by using fw LS17 in DOS and then upgrade to the newest firmware.......THIS WOID THE WARRANTY.

GreenMachine -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 11:46:30 AM)

So is the RW1210E a Plextor or a Lite-on??

Sillygates -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 1:05:36 PM)

you could try them both, it is unlikely it will continue eith the flash if it is a incompatible drive, but oc freak is right, this would void your warranty only proceed if you have to

airian9 -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/23/2001 3:49:39 PM)

Hey Scott (GreenMachine).. Go to this website that shows you how to convert it to a liteon.


Ian B

Sillygates -> RE: Creative CD-RW RW1210E (8/25/2001 12:42:25 AM)

Sorry it is mismarked on i guess it is a liteon

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