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R00KIE -> Writing Quality Review (7/9/2002 10:34:48 AM)

First i would like to say that i think you have a mistake there.
PCB-Power Circuit Board?? i don't think so, i've allways seen it as "Printed Circuit Board" and second i don't see why you haven't tested the plex40U at 4X With VariRec OFF and at 24x.
it would be better to do it and i explain.
at 4x with varirec OFF to compare with VariRec ON Set to Zero and at 24x to compare with the 40x to see if plextor was right when they said that it would affect quality


john -> RE: Writing Quality Review (7/9/2002 3:58:12 PM)

PCB could mean either Power Circuit Board or Printed Circuit Board.

In the case of Plextor recorders it means the first term (Power Circuit Board).

We tested the Plextor 40x with VariRec On and Off (4X) and at 40X, 24X.

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