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apurva -> Your comments on the LG GCE 8320b (7/4/2002 11:21:11 AM)

I am about to buy my first cd-writer and have been reading alot about them lately. I am not a power user and my cd-writer will just have to burn the occasional software cd, data backups, and a few audio cds.
The one product that has caught my eye is the LG GCE 8320b. I have read the reviews on this writer and this drive seems to be a good buy for the price range I am looking at.

However, I have heard that its tray gets stuck sometimes and there are other mechanical problems with it. I have also heard that this writer's lens gives trouble. I want to know if any of you'll have faced such problems with this writer. Are there any other common problems with this product?

I want a drive that will last me a long time without causing problems. My other option is the Sony 32x as it is the only other drive within my price range where I stay. Between the LG and the Sony, which would you recommend?
Thanks for your time.

john -> RE: Your comments on the LG GCE 8320b (7/4/2002 5:27:09 PM)

I would suggest moving to the LG 40x recorder, instead of the 32x model.

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