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R00KIE -> Writing Quality (6/22/2002 1:41:44 PM)

First of all let me say that this articles is great, keep up the good work !!

John if you remember sometime ago i've asked you were i could find some the rainbow books and you said that drive manufactors had to pay for them, you were wright but now i see this in this great article:

More information about measuring writing quality can be found at:

Philips/Sony Book Standards
Orange Book
Red Book
Yellow Book
Blue Book
White Book
ISO/IEC 10149
ECMA 130

i wasn't asking for the Philips/Sony Book Standards, those ones cost a lot (i guess) but there must be a place were we can download the others for free, at least the ECMA 130 is downloadable for free, but i was interested in the others too, i've been seaching the net but i've been unable to find them. if you (or someone else) could suply some links i would be glad.

The ECMA 130 PDF can be downloaded here FOR FREE



john -> RE: Writing Quality (6/23/2002 8:14:01 AM)

Thanks for your support.

No the books are not free available, you will have to pay them for like $5k each book..

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