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Zibri -> Z-CLV vs P-CAV (6/21/2002 8:46:01 PM)

Which is the best writing method and (if possible) why ???

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john -> RE: Z-CLV vs P-CAV (6/21/2002 10:04:21 PM)

Depends..P-CAV is faster and without links

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drht -> RE: Z-CLV vs P-CAV (6/23/2002 12:28:05 PM)

I guess that P-CAV is better. It should be as yamaha patented it (i'm not an expert english reader, but that's what i think i've read from yamaha's website :P). Maybe that's why there are only a few P-CAV writers. As John said, P-CAV is faster and has to do few links (or speed changes if you prefer). I've tried both, and is amazing how a yamaha 20x is near as fast as my sony 24x. If you like reading so many unclearly tech papers, visit yamaha's web...


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