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John Garin -> While formatting/erasing.. (5/18/2002 10:16:21 PM)

Is it safe to run other applications while formatting or erasing a CDRW disk..I use Nero and InCD 3.28
Things are working fine ...
Op Sys is Win XP Pro..
My CDRW drives are a Mitsumi 48X9TE and a Plextor 4012A...CDRom is a Mitsumi FX54..++W...
Thank You.....sorry for the dumb question..

Tron -> RE: While formatting/erasing.. (5/18/2002 11:26:52 PM)

It depends on how stable your system is. I do other things while I erase and format discs, but I have never had troubles while doing it. Friends of mine will argue that they have crashes when they try it. See if it works for you....

Visit www.cdrtimes.net too. Another great place....

John Garin -> RE: While formatting/erasing.. (5/19/2002 12:14:03 AM)


I consider my sys very stable....XP Pro...P4 2.0 Ghz....1.0 GB DDR Ram....and 2-120GB HD's.....partitioned ..
I'll try a few applications...mainly photo printing...since both the formatting and photo printing take so much time...sure would be nice..we'll see..



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