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icemanatcdrinfo -> Slot or Tray, Sony or Pioneer (9/19/2001 7:34:20 AM)

I have a pentium III 733mhz computer. I have thinking of adding a DVD-ROM drive to it. There are two options:
1. Slot model by Pioneer (DVD-106S with digital output);
2. Tray model by Sony (DDU162188)also with digital output. I have searched for reviews on this model on net but no luck. It is a new model in Australia 16X/40X DVD ROM. More information can be found on this link.

Is one type of mechanism better than the other? What are their disadvantages and advantages? I know I can also get a pioneer model with the tray machanism, is pioneer better brand than sony? Are their any other considerations which I should take into account? I do intend to rip DVDs into DIVx format which may not be just from one region.

Thanking you in advance.

morrisson -> RE: Slot or Tray, Sony or Pioneer (9/20/2001 5:34:12 AM)

As you correctly point out Pioneer also make a tray based version of the 106S called the 116S. However you may or may not be aware this does not have SPDIF on the back like it's slot based brother. This may not be a problem if you only intend to use the drive for ripping since you can still rip the digital soundtrack whether you have SPDIF or not.

I have the 116S because my personal opinion is that tray based drives are better. There has been reports of slot based drives leaving marks on the disc left from the rubber mechanism that grips it on insertion. Also I would expect the tray versions to be less susceptable to dust etc since when closed there are no open appertures.

As far as reading discs from different regions is concerned you have to consider the RPC level of the drive. Older drives were what are now known as RPC1, which means the region encoding was not locked. All new drives are now supplied as RPC2. This means the region encoding can only be changed 5 times after which it locks to the last region selected.

There is a way around this however, providing somebody has patched the firmware of your particular drive. Firmware is specific to a make and model so a generic patch is not possible. I know the Pioneer has an RPC1 firmware patch but I am not sure about the Sony, probably not yet if it's brand new.

To get a good list of different firmwares available with downloads go

It seems that the Pioneer and Sony models you talk about are the same specification so providing you can get a RPC1 patch for the Sony the decision is really one of asthetics, cost, and availability.

If a RPC1 patch for the Sony is not yet available then I recomend the Pioneer.

If it's Pioneer you choose, and you really must have a SPDIF then go for the "slot", otherwise I would recommend the tray based model. Mine works like a dream using software MPEG decompression. (But then I do have a 1.4Ghz Athlon ).

Hope this info helps... if you need any further info drop me a line.



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icemanatcdrinfo -> RE: Slot or Tray, Sony or Pioneer (9/20/2001 7:22:37 AM)

Thanks for that Morrisson. Your suggestion were great help

icemanatcdrinfo -> RE: Slot or Tray, Sony or Pioneer (9/21/2001 2:23:13 AM)

Morrisson I have further questions for you. Sony has a buffer of 512KB while the Pioneer has a buffer of 256KB. Pioneer is a Ultra DMA66 while Sony is not. My next questions is which one is better? Should I go with the one with a bigger buffer or one with a better interface (Ultra DMA66 interface)?

Thanking you in advance.

morrisson -> RE: Slot or Tray, Sony or Pioneer (9/21/2001 6:43:20 AM)

A bigger buffer improves the efficiency of the drive and reduces load on the processor. Ultra DMA is a procedure for transferring data along a bus, The 66 means maximum data throughput of speeds approaching 66Mbps.

I guess to decide you have to consider the specification of your machine. A fast processor (say at least a 600mhz PIII) would easily cope with the slight increase in load due to the reduced buffer.

You also have to consider which IDE channel you will put you drive on. I suspect you have a CD-Writer, and the normal recomendation for such devices (if it's and IDE one) is that it is the only device operating as the master
on on IDE channel. This means you need to put both your HDD (assuming you don't have SCSI) and you DVD drive on the same IDE channel.

UltraDMA devices will only run as fast as the slowest device on a single IDE channel, so if your HDD is Ultra DMA/66 and you go for the Sony DVD Drive, in that configuration you will lose HDD performance.

Personally I still go with the Pioneer overall, but I am sure both will be great drives.

Hope this helps



PS. Remember you can only utilise Ultra DMA/66 using a double-density 80 core ribbon cable.

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icemanatcdrinfo -> RE: Slot or Tray, Sony or Pioneer (9/21/2001 7:14:12 AM)

Thanks for that Morrisson. I have a Pentium III 733mhz, with 640MB memory. As you said it big buffer may not make any difference as far the slight increase in load is concerned.

Luckily I have a SCSI CD Burner (Sony))so I can put the DVD on a seprate IDE channel.

I think I go with your suggestion and buy a Pioneer.

Finally many thanks, Your great knoweldge and suggestions were great help.



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