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wolf68k -> buring vcd with nero (3/31/2002 12:50:36 AM)

I'm trying to burn a movie that says that it is 1hr 19mins 23secs with Nero, but when I add it to the list to be burned the time bar reads that it's just over 80mins and in the list the duration reads 18mins and some odd secs.

Using Nero

thunderburn -> RE: buring vcd with nero (3/31/2002 1:04:07 AM)

its in vbr variable bit rate which means the data is written in a constant rate. this format allows you to put more minutes on a cd. the way this happens is when the video and audio needs the high bit rate it uses it but when there isnt much action going on it doesnt. its a great format wish i would have invented it (burn on) man

thunderburn -> RE: buring vcd with nero (3/31/2002 1:05:50 AM)

sorry isnt written in a constant rate

wolf68k -> RE: buring vcd with nero (3/31/2002 8:45:50 PM)

Nice bit of information, I think....but I'm not sure how this answers my question though

thunderburn -> RE: buring vcd with nero (4/1/2002 6:49:51 PM)

oh sorry download cd clone and do disk to disk and enable overburn this will copy the cd, if its actually a file on your hard drive then open nero, go file, new, svcd, new on the right, a new window will apear and drag the movie file to the white box where it says track at the top left, it will scan and then click burn, most likely it will kick out the cd or ask do you want to overburn and click it, if the cd kicks out just reinsert it and make sure your using a 80 min cd (burn on)

thunderburn -> RE: buring vcd with nero (4/1/2002 6:53:26 PM)

it may also be in a divx format, in that case write back and ill explain its lenthy process using another program

wolf68k -> RE: buring vcd with nero (4/2/2002 7:50:37 PM)

Converting it to divx might not be too bad if there is a program out there made for complete newbies. I've tried few and either I didn't understand what was going on or it just flat out didn't work.

As for the SVCD, don't I need the MPEG2/SVCD plugin for that? Because I don't have it.

It is a movie on my harddrive. When I add it using the normal VCD burn option, it gets added with no problem....I've had a few mpg movies that I've burned that Nero said it had to convert, but that has nothing to do with this.

I've just updated to Nero, I haven't tried burning with it yet maybe it has a fix.

wolf68k -> RE: buring vcd with nero (4/4/2002 4:54:32 AM)

Nero didn't help, just made things more confusing
In the S/VCD mode the bar graph at the bottom as changed from time to megs
And since Ahead has yet to update the version history it's hard to tell what changes there really are

thunderburn -> RE: buring vcd with nero (4/4/2002 4:37:13 PM)

http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/vcdimagereasy.html try this program out it may do what you want i use it more than nero and rarely fails. vcdeasy

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