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dev2601 -> vcd's - availability (3/25/2002 12:19:10 PM)

i have recently been purchased a portable cd/vcd player - bought in dubai. unsure as to exactly what a vcd was, i now have a general idea thanx to this site. however, i was wondering about the availability of original movies etc. - i have struggled to find them in the UK, tho know they are readily available online. i was also wondering as to whether there is any market for the renting of such vcd's as there are for videos and dvd's. also, as this product was bought specifically with the continent (mainly spain) in mind - i would like to establish whether there is a market for vcd's there.

is it possible to have vcd's with multiple soudtracks, as it is with dvd's? or, as i suspect, is this impossible.

thankyou for your time

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