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Titanium -> CD Clone On The Fly (8/23/2001 7:27:08 PM)

After finishing my new full tower setup and adding the CDRW (new last week) to my top slot i found that the ide cable was at full stretch so i couldn't add my Creative 52x under the CDRW (Creative 52x real cheap to the feel btw)
I got a longer 1metre IDE Cable earlier today and put my older 40x CD in top slot and new CDRW under it :-)

Now when i chose On the Fly option in CD Clone to test the setup i got a warning about them using the same IDE Cable ! is that OK ??
As i don't wanna damage anything as it took ages for me to do this new setup

(gave the 52x Creative to my son, My older 40x is so smoother n quiter it's spooky lol , Also feels a lot more rigid compared to the Creative)

Btw i got the CDRW DMA Enabled is that ok too ?

Many Thanks

Have Fun


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john -> RE: CD Clone On The Fly (8/23/2001 7:41:52 PM)

If the recorder support anti-coaster technology no problems will occur.

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Titanium -> RE: CD Clone On The Fly (8/23/2001 8:09:31 PM)

Ok many thanks John

Have Fun


Sillygates -> RE: CD Clone On The Fly (8/25/2001 1:49:04 AM)

I normally do not see problems with buffer underruns on the same cable make SURE that udma is in use if not using anti coaster technology

Titanium -> RE: CD Clone On The Fly (8/25/2001 12:49:37 PM)

OK update....

I can burn on the fly as such but only with data i have backed up eg mp3's etc (on cdrw disc at 4x)
When i tried to backup RA2 with a cdr 12x (16 media memorex)i got error approx 40% into the backup
This was with CD Clone btw
I also have latest Nero and easy cd creator which would suit on fly best ?

I have a no-name 40x CD do you think that's the prob ?
If so any thoughts on which CD to get to burn on fly good ?

I have the 12102B Liteon for CDRW

Many Thanks

Have Fun


Nico -> RE: CD Clone On The Fly (9/1/2001 4:59:34 AM)

Hi Titanium,

To copy on the fly make sure your harddisk is primary master, your reader primary slave and your writer secondary master.

Titanium -> RE: CD Clone On The Fly (9/1/2001 3:45:48 PM)

Nico i will check their settings

Many Thanks

Have Fun


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