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BernardP -> Where is InCD (9/13/2001 3:08:19 PM)

This is surely a basic, if not stupid question.

I just downloaded the trial version of nero and am surpirsed that it does not include InCD...Back to the Ahead site...Not able to find a downloadable InCD, except as an update to Nero 5.0

So does this means that InCD is not available from the web site and must be purchased on the Retail or OEM CD-ROM?

Thanks Craig

john -> RE: Where is InCD (9/13/2001 7:00:03 PM)

InCD will install only when Nero is registered.

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BernardP -> RE: Where is InCD (9/14/2001 9:57:22 AM)


Would this be through the "Image Drive Installer" in the Start menu? If not, what then is this "image Drive Installer"

john -> RE: Where is InCD (9/15/2001 10:57:31 AM)

No i think you will have to download it seperatly

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BernardP -> RE: Where is InCD (9/17/2001 11:18:16 AM)

So, we are back to where we started. Where can I download it from? Will Ahead give me the download address if I register?
And what is the "Image Drive Installer" I am reluctant to launch the install if I don't know what it does.

As an aside, I have used Nero over the weekend, and I find it is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use program. However, I have tried without success to use the Cover Editor. I read all the Help files, but I still can't do anything. It is not intuitive. All I want to do is print the Artist name, import the track list from the audio compilation, and print it. Apparently so simple, yet I am unable to do it, as I get lost in menus, windows and pop-ups.

I would appreciate a link to a simple how-to about the Nero Cover Editor


john -> RE: Where is InCD (9/17/2001 6:09:33 PM)


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CCampbell -> RE: Where is InCD (9/19/2001 6:59:19 PM)

As long as you have a valid purchased Nero 5 software, does not need to be registered, you can simply download the InCD 226 or later software from our web site and install.




slenderdeer -> RE: Where is InCD (9/27/2001 6:35:25 AM)

I have XP 2600, I have tried DirectCD 5 but won't work. I also have a registered version of Nero updared to latest version. I have just downloaded InCD232Up and it just comes up with incd works with win9x/nt/2000 only.

Any help would be apprecaited. :)

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