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MasH -> LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/23/2001 10:58:13 AM)

Well since the old posts have been deleted, might as well start this topic again, in case anyone finds it!

Yo JD, wots up with that Understanding Computers Site? it seems like its still under construction! How do you order from it?

Bubble Boy -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/23/2001 6:41:29 PM)

Hi Mash,
you're right about that site, i have problems there with both I.E. 5.5 and N.N. 4.7. It needs some maintenance by an expert i think.

Somehow i managed to pull up these pages to answer your question. and

I figure the guy is working from home, hence the mail order business.
At least his supplier has them in stock. Yesterday i must have phoned a dozen more pc stores who sell liteon products and not one of them have a listing for the 24x liteon. I asked half of them to call me back or email me once they checked with their suppliers and i'm still waiting for a single call back. I'm gonna black list them all after today.

I hope JD lets us know if it's the Ltr-24102b that he gets delivered and whether it was the retail box or oem version.

MasH -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/23/2001 8:53:24 PM)

Heyo Bubble Boy,

Thanks for the links, but does anyonehave his contact number? He doesn't seem to return emails.

I also have a site that lists the drive, but they don't have it in stock yet! doh

JD -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/24/2001 6:38:46 AM) :web site works for me. :Managers email

Drives are arriving next week,They are 24102b and they cost $375.
The supplier is in melbourne, let me know who it is if you find out.
I just want a new burner! :)

regards JD

JD -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/24/2001 6:49:03 AM)

CWS has it at $350 when it is in stock, but being in perth ill take $375 gladly considering the Plextor which i was going to buy is $590
means I can get a new graphics card.
anyone recommmend a good geforce for around $300 (liteon saving) :)

regards JD!

MasH -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/24/2001 8:45:01 AM)

oh yeah now the site is back up and running, too bad the guy who runs it still won't reply to my emails!

MasH -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/24/2001 8:52:57 AM)

I want that burner too!!! too bad CWS don't have stock, I rang them up and they said they won't have it till the 1st week of september! booooo!

Well, when u do get ur drive jd, keep us up to date!

arklab -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/24/2001 9:29:44 AM)

Nuts, my first post on the new forum, and I already messed up!
I had USA stuff - just ignore.

But I have had one a week, and I'm very happy with it (my fourth CDR).

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Sherman -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/25/2001 3:11:37 AM)

Does anyone here no who the supplier is in Melbourne. As I live in Melbourne and wouldn't mind getting this drive.


MasH -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/25/2001 3:40:06 AM)

No idea Shermanator

The CWS site is based in Melbourne though!

Sherman -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/25/2001 4:21:52 AM)

Thanks Mash,
At least this gives me a lead and then I can go get it. Pakenham is not far from were I am. About a 20 minute drive. Once I get it I will let you all no. I am dropping the Plextor 12/10/32A and getting this. I hope I am doing a good thing here!!


MasH -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/25/2001 11:34:42 AM)

heheh good stuff Shermanator! Keep us informed... I'm in NSW so I'll have to get it mailed to me cause I can't find anywhere with it... But i'll be going to a computer fair tomorrow so I'll check out if any dealers have it there *fingers crossed*


Sherman -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/25/2001 11:00:43 PM)

Actually it is in Warragul, a good hour and a halfs drive. This
drive better be worth it!!. By the way Mash, when you do go to order
make sure its the 24102B version or you will be very disappointed as
it won't be able to copy everything. Also their is a post here in this forum saying that a guy who accidently copied a disk using disk juggler at 1X screwed his drive up. I have emailed him hoping to get a reply. If that is the case, then you have to be extreamly careful
when you go to use it. Sought of makes you nervous!!


MasH -> RE: LiteOn 24X in Australia??? (8/26/2001 2:55:46 AM)

Just came back from the comoputer fair.. and nuthin'! No LiteOn burners at all.. damn it.
On well.. I'm gonna have to mail order it thru CWS then.

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