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dee rockz -> cdr stopped working (9/10/2001 12:09:32 AM)

hi i'm using windows xp and use nero 5, cdrwin, and diskjuggler. i have 2 burners ont he system, a ricoh mp9120 and a plextor pxw1610a. everything was working fine and i could burn cds with no problem until yesterday. all of the sudden after burning a bunch of cds with my ricoh drive (the plextor had been giving me troubles so i was sticking with the ricoh for now), i now cant burn cds. at first i was getting the error message from nero that "C:\system volume information is not accessible" then after reinstalling nero it wouldnt recognize any cdr drives. both cdrwin and diskjuggler experience frequent buffer underruns now. finally after uninstalling and reinstalling nero again and reinstalling the 2000 aspi drivers i have access to my burners, but the one test i've done with nero resulted in an audio cd which my cd player pauses for about 5-10 seconds before playing a track (and its not blank space, it actually is like hung up for 5-10 seconds before the track starts). does anyone have any ideas what could be going on here? thanks in advnace for any help. please email me answers. i also tried using xp's system restore to go back a few days to when i had no problems but it didnt help. the next thing i'm going to try is uninstalling all cd burning software and reinstalling, i kind of doubt it will help though. again thanks in advance for any help.


jb0395 -> RE: cdr stopped working (9/10/2001 4:18:08 AM)

Maybe time for HD reformat .

dee rockz -> RE: cdr stopped working (9/10/2001 7:29:21 PM)

nah, i just formatted to clean install win xp in the first place. although i'm sure its gonna end up coming to that anyway, but theres gotta be something straight foward thats actually the problem....

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