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Polperro -> What's new in INCD 3.21? (2/4/2002 1:10:28 PM)

I have v2.32 on my XP PC & it's working well. I don't want to take the risk of upgrading until I know what is new in v3.21.
The Nero site seems to be a bit slow in supplying update info so I was wondering if anyone here knew what changes are in the new version.
Thanks for reading this.

john -> RE: What's new in INCD 3.21? (2/4/2002 2:50:37 PM)

No idea. I guess fixes and more recorders support

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Polperro -> RE: What's new in INCD 3.21? (2/4/2002 9:11:31 PM)

Thanks for the reply, John.
INCD 2.32 supports my writer & is working well.
After all the hassle I had getting it to work on XP I think I'll wait until I find out more about the upgrade.

CCampbell -> RE: What's new in INCD 3.21? (2/5/2002 8:52:28 PM)

We have had many many Beta releases since InCD 2.32.

Many new drives and a number of bugs, as well as XP support have been added.

For InCD 3.20 and InCD 3.21, the below changes were made...

Features Added:

* New drive strings added.

Bug Fixes
* Avoiding to write the stream part, when copying files from a mapped
network drive to InCD disc.
* MS-CDFS and MS-UDF drivers were loaded when InCD UDF driver was
* Fixed problem that some characters could not be used as CD label.
* Changed string of Media Size from “ReadFormatCapa” to “ReadCapa” when a
disc was MRW formatted.

* The issue, when a media was mounted a media check was also issued to
other devices than the CD drives(for example A drive), is fixed.



Polperro -> RE: What's new in INCD 3.21? (2/6/2002 7:22:19 PM)

Thanks Craig.
I'll give v3.21 a try.

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