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Outlaw_IG -> Unburnable Mp3 Files.. (1/30/2002 8:42:51 AM)

Im using EZcreator5plat...and theres some mp3 files that
****ed up my burning..and i can't born them..
so i just wanna know if there's any program (or option on the ez) that notify me about
those files..and maybe even let me burn them..

jb0395 -> RE: Unburnable Mp3 Files.. (1/30/2002 3:15:36 PM)

I think they have to be 44.1 hz or something liek that . When you make an audio CD in nero and select the mp3 files it checks them first to see if they're cmpatible , DiscJuggler also does that .

GB -> RE: Unburnable Mp3 Files.. (2/6/2002 9:05:21 PM)


Which version of EZCreator are you using? I have never had a problem burning any kind of MP3 files. Can you play the files on your computer?

Oh! Don't forget to click on Disk-At-Once just before you burn the CD or it will not be readable on any player. You can also put the CDs back in that you burnt already and click on Finalize. Then they will be readable.

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