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[c]-thr00 -> InCD and WindowsXP (9/8/2001 5:56:23 AM)

Does InCD work in WindowsXP or is there any conflicts with WindowsXP's built-in Packet Writing and InCD?

CCampbell -> RE: InCD and WindowsXP (9/8/2001 10:35:56 PM)

We have not tested with XP RTM yet, but as long as you go to your recorders properties and disable the "RECORDER" feature there, InCD 226 or later releases will then work.



[c]-thr00 -> RE: InCD and WindowsXP (9/9/2001 9:17:15 AM)

Thanx for that information Craig I shall try that when I get XP.

SteveG -> RE: InCD and WindowsXP (9/10/2001 5:12:57 PM)

Yes it works!!!
With my Yamaha 2200 I instaled the InCD ver, 2.18 from the Yamaha CD and after that upgraded to ver. 2.26 with WinXP Final.
Not disabled the "RECORDER" future.

over_flow18 -> RE: InCD and WindowsXP (10/4/2001 12:24:14 PM)

Can you tell me where can I disable that feature exactly?


SteveG -> RE: InCD and WindowsXP (10/4/2001 4:47:10 PM)

Open My Computer. Then right click on your CD-RW Drive (in My case is drive E:) and select Properties. Select last submenu - Recording. Here You can disable or enable the rcording features of your drive.

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