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jolavo -> Ricoh MP7200A (8/23/2001 10:22:32 AM)

I have this drive and he killed many of my medias ( CDRW and CDR ), I have all ways tryed , but the killer do not desists..Anyone have also have problems whit this drive????

Tks for help

Olavo Moretzsohn

john -> RE: Ricoh MP7200A (8/23/2001 11:40:59 AM)

What you mean killed your media?

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Sillygates -> RE: Ricoh MP7200A (8/25/2001 1:20:21 AM)

if you mean that the drive screwed up your media the problem might be dma being disabled with an end result of buffer underrunsin control panel open system click on the device manager tab find your drive goto properties, and check the box by dma press ok

If that does not work burn at a lower speed :( (I am sorry if that is your only option)

jolavo -> RE: Ricoh MP7200A (8/26/2001 7:36:29 PM)

The DMA option was enable and the version is 1.30, all rigth whit my computers...the problem is whit the drive Ricoh...he is in my opinon too sensible maibe dificult to work whit him..the final word is I lost more than 10 ( ten) medias CDRW and CDR whit him..and the medias was from Ricoh, Imation , Verbatim and Trinco.I ask here is this drive to fast for erase medias???
Thanks for replaies..


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