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lakerssuperman -> INCD (9/4/2001 4:57:59 PM)

why is it that dincd cannot format cdr for packet use. Directcd can do this. I am speaking of incd that comes with cd burners not the latest release. Could anyone tell me if the latest version does this or am i just missing something. thanks

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CCampbell -> RE: INCD (9/4/2001 6:00:39 PM)

InCD does not and will not support writing to CDR media.

The abitliy to write to CDR media in Packet format, is patented by another company. To support this, we would need to find out the licensing cost, and then transfer this cost on to the customer by charging for InCD. Currently, InCD is free, as long as you have purchased Nero 5 or later installed on your system.

If the OEM's and PC OEMS demanded this, and did not mind the additional cost, we could have it supported in a heartbeat. But so far, the interest has not been great enough to cause them to care that much about supporting it. So we do not.



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