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Fez -> InCD trouble, no cd recognition? drivers (9/4/2001 10:58:51 AM)

I've gotten InCD to work properly in one installation of win2k but not now. Currently I'm using win2k sp2 with VIA 4in1 4.32 and the latest versions of Nero and InCD (with the latest wnaspi32.dll in the right place)

InCD starts fine but when inserting a cd InCd doesn't recognize it (RW discs that is)

My Q: What drivers are recommended for InCD to work, VIA or MS?
Should I run the CDRW in PIO4 or DMA?

I have an ASUS A7V133 and an Acer CDRW1832 (10x8x32)

Thanx for your help!

CCampbell -> RE: InCD trouble, no cd recognition? drivers (9/4/2001 6:03:38 PM)

Trouble Shooting Steps:

1) Use Nero to do a Full Erase on the CDRW media.

2) Upgrade to InCD 2.2.6 or later, and use this to format the CDRW. Before begining the format with InCD, be sure to close all programs running in the background. Use the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys to do this, or TaskManager.

3) If you have trouble with installing InCD, or its acting strange after you install. try installing in the following fashion:

a) First uninstall InCD from your system, if you have not already, through the Control Panels Add/Remove Programs Featrue.

b) Then use the CTL-ALT-DEL Keys(entered all at one time) and close all programs that show up in the window that pops up, except for SYSTRAY and EXPLORER

c) Now install InCD 2.2.6 or later, and then reboot and see if your issue is resolved.

4) In some cases, disabeling the DMA for the recorder will resolve the issue.

5) Though we normally do not have issues with VIA or Intel ATA 100 drivers, on some systems, I have found uninstalling the drivers will resovle the issue.



Fez -> RE: InCD trouble, no cd recognition? drivers (9/7/2001 12:06:24 PM)

Have tried the different DMA options but none have worked.
Will do a "clean" install and see.

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