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rblake -> Minidisk Drive (12/31/2001 3:23:27 AM)

Is it possible to get such a thing as a mindisk drive for a PC in the same way you can get a CD drive?


john -> RE: Minidisk Drive (12/31/2001 4:18:20 AM)

Yes i think you can use minidisk for storing data in PC. However using CD-RW drive is more cheaper and probably better choice

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rblake -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/2/2002 9:31:40 AM)

Oh yes, I will always use my CD for storage, etc.

However, I want to transfer music (digitally) between CDs and MDs.

Any idea where I can get one?



john -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/3/2002 2:12:58 AM)

try searching around sony's website

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thomas -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/5/2002 5:42:11 PM)

If you have a soundcard with digtial outputs you could connect a minidisk recorder to your computer via optical cable. The transfer is 100% digital.

Two soundcards come to my mind

M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Has coax in/outs and does NOT do unconditional internal resampling like the SBLive! for example. Very high quality, but coax is rarely seen on portable minidisk recorders...

Terratec EWX 24/96
Excellent as well, has optical in/outs but might be hard-to-get in the US (it's a German company). No unconditional internal resampling as well!

Both cards have great specs. and, which might be interesting to you, have SCMS (S-erial C-opy M-anagement S-ystem) control. This means that even if the data stream from say a CD or DVD is set to "no-copy" you can override this and copy it to your minidisc (or whatever you hook up to it)!

Mind that these are not gaming cards like SBLive and the like, so they don't feature fancy midibanks and childish EAX surround stuff and all that...

However, it is possible to transmit Dolby Digital or DTS data streams to external decoders (nice if you want to watch DVDs from your PC).

The cards are a bit pricey (around 170 in Germany for the EWX, the M-Audio is around 255 here, should be a lot cheaper in the US though), but are top-notch in terms of digital & analog quality in this price region (and beat the hell out of gamers cards, even the new Audigy from Creative).

edit: Notice how nice I evaded the ban on the word "S-erial"!

thomas -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/5/2002 6:01:02 PM)

Oh, you're from the UK.

Don't know about prices there, check British hardware vendors if you're interested.

edit: around 150 pounds for the EWX...
found via

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[c]-thr00 -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/5/2002 9:09:16 PM)

do a search on Google for "MiniDisc Data"

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rblake -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/7/2002 6:25:31 AM)


Thanks very much for your in-depth reply - it's much appreciated.


Garry Heather -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/17/2002 5:52:34 AM)

A good place to start looking might be here: (not quite what you're after but if you've got any kit already you might be able to use that with your PC).

You might also find the MDS-PC3 useful if you can find one - it's a "minidisk PC desktop deck" which uses a PCLK-MN10A PC connection kit to get data from the PC to the minidisk. See for more details. This is an American link (good as of 17/01/02) but the MDS-PC3 is listed in the current UK Sony "Sony Scene" catalogue 04.

rblake -> RE: Minidisk Drive (1/21/2002 6:41:06 AM)

Excellent, thanks.

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