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rl_ -> yamaha+winxp=doesnt recognize blank cd (12/26/2001 12:32:44 AM)

CRW8424-E worked great while on win98

i installed xp, now it doesnt matter if its nero or wmp it tells me
to put a empty disk in. (iv tried 3 brand new cd's 2 cdr 1 cdrw)
did this while in admin account as well

email yamaha and they basically told me to try nero, which i was.....
then said uninstall reinstall try again.(i have newest version of nero)

any help would be appreciated

vljenewein -> RE: yamaha+winxp=doesnt recognize blank cd (12/31/2001 7:28:35 AM)

Do a search at Microsoft website for "TweakUI" or TweakUI for XP". Microsoft wrote this "Power Toy" as MS called it, so they should have it for download. When installed it should show up on your desktop as a shortcut. Run it and then take a look at the tweaks that you can do to media files, such as CD R/W etc. One of the tweaks is to turn off "auto run" when you insert a CD into the player. I have a Yamaha 3200 CD/RW running on Windows XP. Using Nero version of sofware, and haven't run into a snag yet. E-mail me if want, or if this helps. GOOD LUCK.

"I've spent all my money on wine and women...the rest I just wasted! "

rl_ -> RE: yamaha+winxp=doesnt recognize blank cd (12/31/2001 2:18:15 PM)

yea i have tweak ui, and ill give it a shot

thanks alot and ill post back on what happens :)

rl_ -> RE: yamaha+winxp=doesnt recognize blank cd (12/31/2001 2:56:00 PM)

well thx for the suggestion vljenewein, but no luck :(

CCampbell -> RE: yamaha+winxp=doesnt recognize blank cd (1/7/2002 1:08:34 AM)

I have the same model Yamaha, and I just brought it out of Hibernation to test this on XP.

I could not find any problems. It was detected by XP right off. Works great playing audio or reading Data.

And Nero was able to detect and write to it with no problems.

What kind of Motherboard do you have, and chipset?



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