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ujiba -> Buying a new CD RW (12/23/2001 11:56:49 AM)

I'm thinking of buying a CD RW drive. Should I buy one right now, or should I wait until the new high-density CDRW drives are released(those drives that can write to high-density 1.3 gig cds). And does anyone know when such high-density CDRW drives will be released?

jb0395 -> RE: Buying a new CD RW (12/23/2001 6:14:36 PM)

i wouldnt bother with those because the format is new and there are basically no consumer players that can play them so they are for data storage only . I would stick with regular sized cds or go for a dvd burner .

rkenshin -> RE: Buying a new CD RW (1/7/2002 7:45:08 PM)

Go get a 32x cd writer! Then you'll have the best for about 6 months. Alternatively look into getting a DVD burner.

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freonchill -> RE: Buying a new CD RW (1/8/2002 12:43:57 AM)

Then you'll have the best for about 6 months

im not exactly sure on the product development cycles for burners, but i got a 12x last christmas, and now i have a 24x, since then we have gone through 16x & 20x... so im guessing about 3 months per speed increase...

but then again 32x is reaching the max speed that you can read the disc at... unless they make a 36x soon, im would say that we are getting towards the max that you are going to be able to burn, unless someone figures a way to make it like a good old cd press, where it would just make the entire disc in one 'press' but i guess you couldnt call it XXx speed anymore, b/c wouldnt the disc have to be 'still' for that?


The Spatula -> RE: Buying a new CD RW (1/8/2002 5:45:19 PM)

Just get a relatively inexpensive 24x. This should tide you over for a while until the DVD-R drives & media become more reasonably priced. Besides, a 24x is pretty darn fast.

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