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ckl1998 -> Sony, Acer, LiteOn CD-RW (9/3/2001 6:20:20 AM)

I recently bought two 4X-10X CD-RW. They are Sony CD-RW650HS
and Acer RWHS74. Previously, I used the 4X-10X LiteOn CD-RW74 that
was bundled with LiteOn LTR-12101B.
Currently I am using Easy CD Creator 5.01 and Nero Burning Rom
I have some inquiry about the above CD-RW. Below is a simple study
that I had made.

Blank Blank* Formatted~
Sony 679,477,248 683,827,200 555,155,456
Acer 679,477,248 688,384,000 558,891,008
LiteOn 679,477,248 688,281,600 558,825,472

* with directCD activated
~ UDF format

1. Why there are differences? Any detailed explaination?
2. After formatted in UDF format, using CR-RW drive the discs were
checked with Nero CD Speed-CD quality check. Acer and LiteOn
CD-RW completed the check process. However, Sony CD-RW failed
everytime. Here was the error,

[14:09:52] Initializing
[14:09:58] Starting CD quality check
[14:15:18] Read error at 60:50.60 (code 030600)
[14:15:18] Test aborted

Then I switched to ScanDisc by directCD. The disc returned no
error. Infact, the disc performed well in read and write mode.
What is actually happen to the Sony CD-RW? Would it contains
error as reported by the above quality check?
3. When checking the CD quality, I found different results by using
CD-ROM and CD-RW drive. Which drive should one use for CD quality
checking? CD-ROM or CD-RW drive?

Sillygates -> RE: Sony, Acer, LiteOn CD-RW (9/4/2001 12:19:12 PM)

It is probably your media, direct cd does not do extensive checks and may be writing bad data if it goes oer 60 minuts on that dsc maby a different disc (might be defective) I recommend switching to a better brand, like the Fujifilm ones, what yo do is:

Check where the fujifilm discs you buy are made: japan is the right one buy those

2. stop using you other discs, some good companies subcontract with bad ones do NOT go by the label name when browsing

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