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h2de5 -> Best Burning Software and Media (CD) ? (8/2/2012 9:43:58 AM)

Hi Guys,

I have read a few posts about my issue but wanted some direct guidance

I have 2 questions.

1. What is the best CD media to burn CDs on these days? I have read that Plextor CD-R 48x (Taiyo Yuden / cyanine dye / silver) - is the best CD to use. Is that still the case?.... i cant find plextor brand but i can find Taiyo Yuden, not sure of relationship between the two?

Its for an Audio Book , not music.

ALSO if they are the best is this a correct link for them to buy? as it doesnt say Plextor- (

may be there is a better online store you might recommend?

2. What is the best program to burn with? I have Nero 9 Smart Essentials. Is that enough or is there something better/recommended?

I am starting a media production company so i need to make sure im using the right software and media - thanks!


Tony Veglis -> RE: Best Burning Software and Media (CD) ? (8/2/2012 1:20:51 PM)

Taiyo Yuden media generally makes high-quality CD-Rs.

Regarding the burning software, I think you should choose the one you find more complete and easy to use, as all of them are using the same instructions to communicate with your burner, so it's more a matter of burner than a software when it comes to have succesful recordings.

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