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Empty86 -> Help Anyone... (12/14/2001 12:33:39 AM)

Hi, does anyone know how to make an enchanced CD? It's a CD that can play on your normal CD player and when you insert it in a computer, you can watch music videos and etc. I have been trying to learn how for years, but I haven't been able to find the answer. Maybe someone can help me here.

Clint -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/14/2001 9:06:59 PM)

Yep try Nero 5.5 Burning Rom or Easy CD Creator 5. In Nero, use the wizard and click "Enhanced CD" then drag your audio files into the layout then drag your vids etc.

Good luck!

You get what you pay for...

Empty86 -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/15/2001 6:15:54 PM)

thanks, is the NeoBurn free or do I have to buy it?

Empty86 -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/15/2001 6:16:19 PM)

I mean Nero, not NeoBurn

Clint -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/15/2001 10:26:05 PM)

You should buy it, download a free demo of it from it is useful for a month I think then you must get the rego key.
BTW its not restrickted in any way I don't think!

You get what you pay for...

Empty86 -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/18/2001 11:54:37 PM)

Do you recommend Nero 5.5 or Roxio (Adaptec) DirectCD 5.0 Platinum? Also, do you know if Click n' Burn allows you to make Enchanced CDs? Thanks for the help Clint.

CCampbell -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/24/2001 6:05:18 PM)

Also check out for more details on how to implement the format.



Clint -> RE: Help Anyone... (12/28/2001 6:26:36 PM)

Sorry for late reply.
I use and reccomend both. I have both on my system. Nero for Data/VCD/SVCD/Enhanced/Mixed Mode etc. And I like Easy CD Creator 5.02c for it's ease of creating an audio CD. eg in Nero, you have to go and remove the 2 sec pre-gap between each track (If you want every track to play straight afer each other just like the ones you buy) whereas EZCD you just add the files and burn, simple. But things change when you need an overburn
I think in Nero's preferances you should be able to choose your gap between each track that it will default too each time you start Nero.
What do you think about that Craig?
(Just an annoying little mis-feature to me)
Theres also a few other things that annoy me in both progams, but sh1t happens

You get what you pay for...

[c]-thr00 -> RE: Help Anyone... (1/5/2002 9:00:14 PM)

i recommend Nero Burning ROM, it just 0wnz!

[ this is my sig ]

Empty86 -> RE: Help Anyone... (1/10/2002 10:38:28 PM)

Thx Clint and Craig. Hey Craig, where in sunnyvale do u live?

nivlac5thage -> RE: Help Anyone... (1/24/2002 10:04:01 AM)

You can use two basic programs to make an enhanced cd.

EAC or exact audio copy

and Easy cD Creator.

You first create the audio image without closing the disc, just the session, and then you go into EASY CD CREATOR, with the cd-r containing the audio portion in your writer, and then you drag and drop the data stuff into the lower window. Easy CD will ask you if you want to add to the disc and you simply say yes.

Viola. Works peachy keen.

I have tried using EASY CD Creater to do the job by itself and it works great for cd's that have the normal 2 second gap between tracks, but it bombs out on the gapless cd's (like those from live concert recordings). I believe the full blown expensive versions of Easy Cd Creator will do the gapless cd's now, but I like free software.

EAC is free and kicks butt
Easy CD is great for data cd's and comes with most cd writers nowadays.


CCampbell -> RE: Help Anyone... (1/26/2002 10:36:02 PM)

Downtown Sunnyvale, right next to the Police station and Library.

But I will be moving to Glendale, CA

That's where our New US Office is now.



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