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CallMeJoe -> Yamaha CRW6416S Writes CDRs in odd way (12/11/2001 2:18:01 AM)

I just started using a CRW6416S. It appears to write data CDs fine, at least as long as you read them from another CD drive. When placed in the Yamaha drive, they show up as music CDs! (Track01.cda is the only file present.)

This happened with CDs written with both Nero 5.5 and Easy CE Creator 3.5c. However, older CDRs written with a now defunct Sony 2x are read just fine by the Yamaha drive.

Fortunately, my Pioneer DVD-ROM drive can read the data, but I'm curious as to what in the world the Yamaha drive is doing and if there is way to fix it.

chills -> RE: Yamaha CRW6416S Writes CDRs in odd way (12/16/2001 10:56:03 AM)

I have the same drive, a CRW6416S with Nero 5551, and I get an almost identical problem.

I can burn CD's succesfully, but my drive cannot read them. After a good burn with no errors I try to access the CD and I get the error 'g:\Incorrect Function'. The drive spins up the CD but no joy.
This problem seems to be specific to burning ISO's.

I can read the CD's I burn on any other CD-ROM, no problems, I just can't read what I burn using W2k.

This is relativly new problem for me and it seems to have started after I tried using EZ CD creator 5.0. Big mistake. I found out from Microsoft and most CDR webs sites that EZ CD updates system files and replaces the cdrom.sys driver. The uninstall program DOES NOT remove all of the EZ CD files so you need to edit the registry to get the drivers back to normal. criminal.

I have applied all the fix's but still no joy. I can't work out if this is a driver problem or an annoying Progressive hardware failure. Any ideas?

CN -> RE: Yamaha CRW6416S Writes CDRs in odd way (12/31/2001 11:40:05 PM)

I was using a CRW6416S until I upgraded a few hours ago to a CRW3200S because of similar problems.

My drive was manufactured in June 1999/bought in July 1999 and was running the latest firmware version 1.0d (think the drive shipped with 1.0b), however I began to suffer from this problem when I started using Win2k Pro, the only way I could read the CD that I had burned in the drive was to reboot, after a while I went back to using Win98se and for a time it was okay, then it started happening again, I don't recall upgrading any software at the time.

Another problem which happened over time was the recognition of CD-RW media after formating with this drive. Which when I did the drive did not pickup the media at all, the On/Disc LED stayed solid amber when CD-RW media was inserted, the only way I could reclam the media was to do a full format on my CRW2260S which the CRW6416S was ment to replace, then the disc could be read and writen on my CRW6416S.

Also sometime when using cheap unbranded media like Prodisc Phthalocyanine based discs, the drive could read the media but would show a CD Audio track along with some cheap no-name IDE CD-Rom drives, my Plextor 40TSi would read them okay with a little bit of coaxing.

So to sum it up, I think your drive could be on it's way out.

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