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Spike -> Liteon and Fireburner (8/31/2001 2:17:20 PM)

Just got my LiteOn 16101b today and it works great so far.

But how do i make it work in Fireburner? It says wnaspi32.dll not found but i have Easy CD 5 installed.

Where do i get the newest version of Fireburner or some other program that burns cue/bin files.

LiteOn 16101b FW:TS0L
Win 2000

Who´s your daddy!?

Ninipc -> RE: Liteon and Fireburner (8/31/2001 11:55:17 PM)

My 16101b work fine with fireburner 2.08 and adaptec aspi installed
under win2k SP2 :)

(sorry my english sux0r)

riz -> RE: Liteon and Fireburner (9/2/2001 6:09:32 PM)

hi spike,
roxio's easy cd creator doens't put the aspi drivers (i don't think it uses them) i had the same problem but what you gotta do is download a progrm calle ForceASPI 1.7 (do a search on for it). That program installs the ASPI layer whether or not it finds Easy CD Creator


rblake -> RE: Liteon and Fireburner (9/3/2001 12:13:44 PM)

The Flexion site doesn't ForceASPI anymore but you can still get it at


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