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_eCo_ -> wav to CDR - no dao joy on Yamaha CRW4416s (11/16/2001 3:42:25 PM)

Hey experts,
I just recently got set up with a nice recording sound card for digitizing my albums. Now that I've got these wonderfully restored wav files, I can't seem to burn them to cd using the DAO feature. DAO is supposed to work with this drive. Track-at-once works, but that won't often be the best mode for the music.

I've tried EZ-CD 4 and Nero 5.5. In both cases, they report burning the cd successfully. However, the cd can't be read by my scsi recorder (calls it "empty media") nor my home audio cd player. It can be read by my CD-ROM, tho, and the cda files can be played on the pc. Perhaps thats a clue...

Audio cd copies are no problem, multi-session cd copies are no problem, track-at-once is no problem. Anyone know what the deal is with dao here?


Yamaha crw4416s (latest firmware)
Plextor ultraplex 40 scsi CDROM
Fireport 40 SCSI adapter
Athlon 1.33 GHz on Asus A7M266
256 Meg DDR RAM

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