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mike13 -> Nero burning issue (9/11/2010 8:18:49 PM)

I copied a home video from my camcorder to a folder on my computer that is running Windows 7. I also have Nero 7 which I am trying to use to burn the small video to a DVD so I can watch it on my regular DVD player through my TV. When I open up Nero, choose DVD Video etc, and then drag the small video over to the left, I get this message.

One or more files could not be added to a compilation.
The following files may not reside in the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD-Video compilation. Only compliant DVD-Video files
VTS_nn_0.BUP and
can be added to the VIDEO_TS folder. Please add files from a completed DVD-Video title or use an authoring software like Nero Vision to create DVD-Video files from standard video files such as *.avi and *.mpg.


If I start over, and just choose DVD, and ISO, or even Multisession etc. I can drag the video over to the left, and it does burn it to a DVD disc. The movie dOES then play on my computer, but it does NOT play in my DVD player over by the TV. I get a message that there is a problem with the DVD disc. etc.
The small movie that I copied from my camcorder is labeled MP4, I think. I downloaded the free trial of Nero Vision, but that is too confusing to try and figure out. I keep thinking that if the video plays on my computer, it should also play on the regular DVD player. ??? Suggestions please.

Tony Veglis -> RE: Nero burning issue (9/12/2010 7:49:20 AM)

Actually do what Nero 7 suggests. Your camera's video file is probably an avi  file so Nero 7 cannot directly make it compatible with the DVD Video format when you drag 'n' drop the file to the compilation.

You should use authoring software first.

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