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astra -> Play Windows games on Linux with Crossover. (7/26/2009 9:53:25 AM)

If your gaming needs are a little off the cutting-edge, Linux can be a viable alternative. And it's an alternative that has many advantages of its own. There are no viruses, no wayward processes chugging away in the background, no spyware, lie-ware, trojans or worms, and you have complete control over your system.

Not only has Linux become much easier to use over the last few years, it's now capable of running many of the more high profile game releases, giving you the best of both possible worlds. The switch has recently been made even more tempting thanks to the latest release of the Ubuntu distribution, an amalgam of the best open source and free software wrapped around a custom-built installation and configuration.

Ubuntu is partly responsible for the incredible success of Linux since its first release in 2004. It's a distribution that focuses on normal users rather than just the uber-geeks. Ubuntu's motto is 'Linux for Human Beings', and the 9.04 release gets closer than any other Linux distribution in bringing Linux to ordinary users.

It installs through a GUI, and requires very little user-interaction. The desktop is easy to use, featuring smooth transitions and bundles all the software you could possibly need. Even hardware compatibility and configuration has become largely a non-issue. If your memory of Linux is pre-Ubuntu, you won't recognise it today.
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